The Promises of God in the Rosary and Others

Hello guys, I’m new to the Catholic faith coming from a Protestant background, specifically Lutheran and Reformed. I’ve been hearing about certain promises that Mary promises to those who meditate on her mysteries or promises Christ made in the sacred heart about going to mass nine consecutive Sunday’s and getting promised final perseverance. I also heard something about a brown scapular? What exactly does all of this mean? And what other promises are there that are tied to these similar things? Sorry by the way, I know I’m a newbie

Hello, congratulations on your interest in the Catholic faith (edited as I wasn’t sure from your profile if you were converting or just thinking about it right now). We’re glad you’re here.

In general, Marian devotions, such as saying the Rosary, bring us graces from God, through Mary as God has tasked Mary with being the “mediatrix of all graces” meaning she distributes to the faithful the graces provided by God.

The Brown Scapular is basically the lay version of the habit of the Carmelite religious order. It is supposed to be worn by people who are practicing some type of Carmelite spirituality and devotional practices with it. If you would like to read more about it from the official Carmelite source, here it is:

The Nine First Fridays actually refers to receiving Holy Communion on the nine First Fridays, NOT “going to Mass” (as one can easily go to Mass but not receive). It is a devotion to the Sacred Heart that was revealed by Jesus to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. The point of doing it is to honor Christ’s Sacred Heart and make reparation for man’s sins. It also encouraged people to receive Holy Communion regularly at a time when people were not doing that for various reasons. You can read about it and the associated promises here:

I would note that Catholics who are really into their faith don’t do these devotions with the idea of “if I just check all the boxes off on this I’m gonna get final perseverance.” We do them with the main purpose of practicing Carmelite spirituality, honoring Jesus’ Sacred Heart, etc, in other words to honor God and improve our relationship with him, and just let God take care of the “promises” parts.

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