The Prophet Within


Here’s an interesting article: The Prophet Within, by Christopher J. Devron, SJ. It’s about Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "four-fold definition of the prophet."
On a deeper level, Martin defines for us the four-fold task of the prophet:
The first task of any prophet is to allow the Spirit to help him see the truth of reality.
The second task of the prophet is to listen.
The third task, after we see, after we listen, is to speak out.
Finally, Martin’s speech calls us to consider the fourth task of the prophet: The call to action.*(I’ve condensed the original and changed the punctuation slightly)

*It’s definitely an interesting read. I admire and agree with the substantive, moral points. (I’m obviously reading past the direct connection with God.)

:tiphat: to Andrew Sullivan for the link.


It is, as it was.


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