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Is Muhammad a false prophet? I think he is.
Jesus said, You will know them by their fruits and to beware of those who come to you in sheeps clothing but are inwardly ravenous wolves. I’m not to familiar with the Koran, I’ve glanced over it–to me it is a pile of dung. What are your thoughts? Is Muhammad a false prophet?


Most definitely.

Attributes of Muhammad…

he had a wife who was nine years old

he applauded the murder of enemies, including those who wrote witty songs mocking him

he over-saw the slaughter of all the men of one tribe -then took one of the women as his wife.

he couldn’t even keep his own laws -having nine wives himself, whilst only allowing his followers four


Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them… Matthew 7:20

What indeed are the fruits of Islam?

Muslims societies in general do not suffer from low birth rates… or high abortion rates depending on how you look at it.

Apart from that, the above verse from the Bible would also apply to the generally low levels in Muslim societies of incidences of alcohol consumption, incest, rape, murder, fornication, violent crimes, juvenile deliquency, homosexuality, suicides, gambling and other social ills as compared to the statistics to be found in the societies of other major faiths, particularly those in the West.

Yes, in this case, what the Bible states is absolutely correct… By their fruits, ye shall know them.

However, that being said, the greatest proof of the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh) will always be the Qur’an.


Mohammad is a false prophet, an anti-Christ. He was one of the biggest evils and this evil lingers on on in the violent false religion he founded. He himself was a killer and he advocated conversion by coercion. He had people killed if they would not convert.


Our Lord predicted the coming of many false prophets & Messiahs after Him, and Mohammed is the foremost fulfillment of that prediction.
We know Islam by its fruits: Hypocricy & pretense! :smiley:

1- Muslims pretend to believe in Jesus, but their faith is not genuine since these people actually try to replace Jesus with Mohammed. All their dream is to confine Jesus to Israelites so that they can prove the universality of Mohammed’s mission! They struggle to benefit from Jesus for the sake of their supposed prophet.

2- Muslims pretend to believe in the former revelations because they need those writings to support the Koran & verify Mohammed’s assertions! Nevertheless, they also believe that none of those revelations were preserved unlike the Koran, which is believed by Muslims to be in its original form (few Muslims know that Omar corrupted the Koran!)

This is how their hypocricy works: Believe in the Bible because the Koran refers to it several times & deny the Bible because the Koran contradicts it several times! Poor Muslims always suffer from this Scripture Syndrome! (since they believe that the Bible was written by men, they cannot verify the Koran! :rotfl: )

3- Muslims pretend to believe in all the prophets, but they actually believe in Mohammed only! The Koran says all the prophets were Muslims (!?!) & prophesied the coming of Mohammed. Yet Muslims also believe that all the prophets before Mohammed failed to establish Islam in the world, and their failure was fixed by Mohammed (Superman typology in religious context!). Thus, Muslims revere prophets prior to Mohammed as inept messengers with pathetic missions!

Sorry amigo, but you have to study logic! How can the Koran - a purely subjective & dogmatic book - be the evidence for itself???Would u believe that I am a new prophet solely because I claim to be so? :confused:

Angelos N.


Muhammed also said that he would be the last prophet and their would be no prophets after him, however, in Christianity, the members of the body of Christ are given divers gifts; and one of them being prophecy.


Do you have any proof that Omar corrupted the Quran? Isnt that akin to gnostics saying the catholic church corrupted the bible and that the took out a good part of Scripture? In your aformention statement you claim that Muslims only believe in Mohammed as a propet what about the refrences to Nud (NOah) Isa (Jesus) and Yusuf (joseph) as prophets? dont these Quranic/biblical figures warrent some prophetic legitimacy?


Actually it is estimated that she was 13 or 14 which isnt that bad especially when Mary was only 12 or 13 when she gave her hand in marriage. Besides the reason why Muhammod married Aishia at such a young age was so that she could spread the message of Islam throughout the world longer and continue his prophetic legacy.


What prophetic predictions has he made that have come true?


He never made any prophetic predictions. He (Muhammud) just dictates how life is meant to be led. He’s not even a prophet. Just a madman whose fruit has produced Islamic radicals to strapping bombs to their bodies to blow up innocent women and children, in the name of Allah (Allah can kiss my…). A false God who has too many virgins on his hands and not enough blood, for the sake of martyrdom!
Praise Allah, blah, blah blah…


What do you all think was the motive behind the founding of Islam?


I have no proof that Omar corrupted the Koran as Muslims have no proof that he did NOT! More, all Muslims believe & teach that the Bible was corrupted even though they have no proof! (you seem to have skipped some parts of my post above)

I do not know what your religious affiliation is, but I guess that u r either a Muslim denying certain fundamental tenets of Islam or someone that is not familiar with Islamic ideology. (You should read my post again)

The Koran tries to replace all biblical figures with mere images of Islamic prophets that were products of Mohammed’s fantasies. Thus, Islam believes in the prophets in the way they are described under Islamic monopoly rather than believe in the prophets of the Bible. Therefore, their faith does not count! :wink:

Peace to you,
ANgelos N.



I refuse to judge Mohammed, just like I refuse to judge Joseph Smith.

Mainstream Islam has changed radically in the past 1500 years. They recognize Jesus as a prophet. That is good.

I don’t think Islam is the anti-Christ. I think racist ideologies are the anti-Christ.

I refuse to be so harsh. Such harsh judgments only serve to divide further, and alienate them from following the teachings of Jesus. After all, that is only the first step------


Whose estimation is that? Of an Islamic Khaliph who wanted to save faces?

I really wonder where u read that Mary was only 12 or 13 when she “gave her hand in marriage”? Who wanted to marry her at that age? How old was her fiancee? Was Joseph 50 when Mary was 12? Above all, the Koran denies that Maryam was engaged with Joseph or anyone! This is why infant Jesus speaks in the cradle to defend His mother & prove Maryam’s chastity! (chapter 19)

Virgin Mary is too holy to be compared with one of Mohammed’s wives. Aisha had nothing special except for becoming Mohammed’s youngest & favourite wife. Please do not confuse mothers with wives! :slight_smile:

Angelos N.


Hi Jerusha :slight_smile:

It is good to be moderate as well as right to say that Mohammed was a false prophet! We are not judging son of Abdullah here, but only proclaiming our disbelief in him in the same way Mohammed proclaimed his aversion to the Triune God and the divinity of Christ. :slight_smile:

Peace to you,



:thumbsup: Won’t attack that statement.


Aisha was 9. Any other age is just a vain attempt to alter the historical record.Here is an idea. When God tells you it’s okay to marry a 9 year old you are NOT a prophet.


Probably was a recent development in the grand scheme of things. Another taqiyya constructed for the purpose of easier recruitment of new converts. I’ve heard the same thing parroted by Muslims elsewhere, but if they ever source it, it’s from some random guy or the opinion of an Islamic “scholar”. However they won’t ever cite an actual hadith. The actual hadiths say Aisha was 6 years old at marriage and 9 when he first had sex with her.


What an anti-Christ is is spelled out explicitly in scripture: it is anyone who denies the Incarnation. I don’t know how the subject of “racist” ideologies even remotely ties in with this!


They don’t follow the teachings of Jesus. They follow the teachings of Muhammud. Jesus said, if any man be worthy of me let him deny himself first. Muhammud doesn’t deny himself; as he says that he, Muhammud, is the last prophet and there are no others.

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