The pros and cons of becoming a Prosperity Gospel televangelist

Like most people, I watched John Oliver’s segment on “Prosperity Gospel” televangelists and marveled at how easy it was for him to legally incorporate as a tax-free church raking in tax-free donations even while transparently admitting that the whole thing was a disingenuous, exploitative joke:
And, like many people — particularly those of us who are among the long-term un- and under-employed — I couldn’t help but also think of this as a kind of job opening.

That’s how you learn to view the world after several hours (or months, or years) scrolling through the job listings on Monster or Craigslist. You begin to despair of ever finding some job that would make the best use of your particular gifts, skills, expertise, and experience, and you just start looking longingly at every job listed, imagining whether or not you might maybe be able to somehow pull that off.

Funny article. But I can’t help wondering why the loss of his eternal soul rates only #2 on his list of cons. :smiley:

It would seem “con” is the right word.

Being a heretical televangelist would be something like being in the mafia, the money is great but the retirement plan stinks.

(that being mafiosos end up dead and heretical televangelists go to Hell)

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