The "Protestant Alliance" in England

Anyone in the UK familiar with this group? They are extremely anti-Catholic. I used to receive their publication in my Calvinist days. They still publish ‘Mystery Babylon’ even though the author refuted his own work and apologized for it.


I haven’t heard of them.
Are they a Unionist group?

They’re connected with Ian Paisley’s group in Ireland. Extremely anti-Catholic.

It’s always just under the surface in England; a rabid few, no more. No doubt they were stirred up by the conversion of Tony Blair; it happened when Cardinal Neuman became a Catholic. It will happen again.

Pray for them.

This group has been around for awhile, 100 years or so. The ‘general secretary’ is Stephen Scott Pearson.

I’ve never heard of them but I’m in Scotland, not England. There is plenty bigotry in Scotland and we really don’t need any more. There are Orange marches and that is legal yet if anybody organised a march against any other religion they would be arrested for inciting hatred. I just don’t get it!:shrug:

Pearson comes to the US once a year. The last time I heard him he was bragging about the ‘orange march’. On St. Paddy’s day they make a point of wearing orange because it is the ‘color’(?) of the Reformation.:shrug:


The Protestant Alliance was founded by the Earl of Shaftsbury in 1845 in order to preserve the Reformed or Protestant faith in Great Britain and as a counter balance to the tractarianism (returning to Rome) of the Oxford Movement.

The Alliance commemorates the Protestant Matyrs that were executed in the reign of Queen Mary Tudor and others that were burnt for their faith in Jesus Christ as set forth in the Holy Scriptures.

The Alliance concentrates on preaching the gospel of grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone. It is not involved in political intrigue nor bigotry.

I am not a member of the organisation and this blog is simply my understanding of the movement. They believe that it is not love to endorse error and that by preaching the truth of God’s Word and exposing the errors of Romanism they are showing the greatest love to Roman Catholics. Their desire is that people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and not simply become religious.


Never heard of them.

Welcome to CAF. A word to the wise, don’t describe the Church Christ founded as Romanism. And remember that not all Catholics are Roman.

God bless


My experience with them has been decidedly different. A simple glance at the thier propaganda, ‘The Reformer’ reveals quite the opposite of what has been stated.

Hopfully that is a testament to their shrinking influence.

Thanks for your warm welcome, Peter. I did not wish to cause offense, I wanted to convey my understanding of the role of the Protestant Alliance.

I too have read “The Reformer” and although it may be classed as propaganda the articles therein are of historical interest (can be independantly verified easily) and informative. The magazine is not forced upon anybody and although an annual subscription may be taken it is just as readily handed out for free.
Some of my own observations:
The Church in England has always adopted an Independant identity since Augustinian (the missionary not the Church Father) times. Even in the Middle Ages Papal authority was resisted or exploited depending on the occasion.
The Reformation played an enormous role in the English Church and set its seal to an awakening of the laity to the gospel that began in the 1380s with John Wycliffe. Wycliffe was known as the Morning star of the Reformation.

Wycliffe’s crime (and that of his followers known as Lollards) was to publish the Holy Scriptures in English. Prior to this, in the 800s, King Alfred the Great had translated the Psalms into Anglo - Saxon.

The British (English and Scottish) Monarchy and indeed the entire Nation is founded upon laws that were enacted since the Reformation to uphold and protect the Protestant Faith. Kings and Queens, Academics, Ministers of Church and State and commoners were all prepared to give their lives for the freedom of having the Holy Scriptures which are able to make one wise to salvation that is in Jesus Christ.

Some of these people became the ancestors of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

I understand that there is the Church Catholic or Universal which is the mystical body of Christ. I am aware of some independent Catholic Churches in the U.S. (E.g. the Church to which Mel Gibson belongs) is that your fellowship?



Nope, The Catholic Church is made up of 23 ‘‘rites’’. One of which is the Latin or Roman rite. That is my rite. However other Catholics are Byzantine, Maronite, Greek, Syro-Malabar, Coptic, Assyrian, etc.

These different rites are in full communion with the Church, centered in Rome, but they are not Roman. Independant Churches aren’t really Catholic as far as I’m aware.

To the best of my knowledge the Church never outlawed translation of scripture, but in many cases it was not necessary as most of the lettered people read Latin. Unauthorised translation was forbidden I think, but as you pointed out there were some translations into languages other than Latin and the original languages.

Does that still include publishing ‘Mystery Babylon’ after the author himself disowned it?
What they are good at is 'mis’information, ala Jack Chick.


I have read Mystery Babylon and a stack of other similar works (the most credible being The Two Babylons). I didn’t know about the author refuting his own work but I wouldn’t be surprised as I always got the feeling that this book was going too far, what with steeples compared to phallic symbols, etc. It also stuck me as a rather shallow work. I would be really interested in learning the details of the circumstances of the refutation.

I never did buy the book (I have a photocopy!) at the time I had never heard of the Protestant alliance. I was also unaware that the PA published this work.

I have also read Catholic works like Faith of our Fathers and The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on The Church. To be perfectly honest there is a lot of Catholic Doctrine that leaves me unconvinced when compared to Holy Scripture and a study of Church History from the year dot onwards…

I personally am a Non - Conformist in the sense that Church and State should be completely separate ( not a Sacral society). After the reformation the non-conformists were still persecuted by the new Protestant governments as well as by Catholic, even though they themselves had encouraged and lent impetus to the reformation. The Non - conformists were called the Step Children of the Reformation although they had existed as Donatists since Constantine fused Church and State in 300s.

I would welcome any information you wish to share with me on any matter.

Thanks and Regards


My name is George and I own a fish and chips shop in Buckingham, England. I am a Catholic and I enjoy reading good Catholic books to strengthen my faith. One of my regular customers is a reader of the Reformer - the magazine issued by the Protestant Alliance - and he passed me some copies to read. I did not want to offend him because he is never aggressive in our conversations about religion, so I took them. I read them and forwarded a copy to the Jesuits in Britain. I am not a great debater, but I asked our beloved Jesuit brothers to answer to the editor of the Reformer a certain Charles Scott-Pearson. He is a relation of the old editor Dr Stephen Scott-Pearson, a minion of the late Ian Paisley. From the tone of his articles, the current editor seems to be a very angry man and we need to pray for him that he may repent of this anger. “Be not a friend to an angry man, and do not walk with a furious man” (Pro 22:24 DRB).
Perhaps we should look at their website and leave a message on their contact form informing him that we are praying for his repentance. I am a great believer in prayer as I have experienced great blessings at the New Dawn Conference in Walsingham, Norfolk. I am really looking forward to this year conference. (

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