The "Protestant Alliance" in England

Anyone in the UK familiar with this group? They are extremely anti-Catholic. I used to receive their publication in my Calvinist days. They still publish ‘Mystery Babylon’ even though the author refuted his own work and apologized for it.

Checked out their website. I must say that I was pretty angry after a few minutes.

They claim to defend “Biblical Christianity” and expose the errors of “Romanism”. Especially in Lithuania. According to their website, Lithuania is 95% Catholic, and has the highest suicide rate in the world; implying that there is a connection between the two.

“So much work to do, so little time…” is what the website says about Lithuania.

It’s hard for me to be charitable to such people as this… What can we as Catholics do to fight back? Sometimes I think we aren’t aggressive enough in fighting anti-Catholicism in the United States and Europe.

Especially when so many of our own are embarassingly uneducated about the Faith, it’s a daunting task indeed.

The guy that runs it is buddies with Ian Paisley in Ireland and BJU here in the States. He still comes to the US once a year to preach his hate. I remember him years ago preaching in Pittsburgh.

I will say that improperly instructed Lutherans do more damage to our faith that any outside influence :frowning:

A very sad group indeed, but I think most people nowadays recognize that groups like this are nutty and not to be taken seriously. Honestly the real enemy isn’t the rabid anti-Catholic protestant clique, it is the growing mass of secularists rallying around their Saints Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. At the very least anti-Catholics hold a strong desire to know God and His truth…the secularists have a passive-aggressive apathy about anything other than the narrow material world that seems almost unassailable.

In both cases, however, the only solution is to educate our own children (and adults) and live as true Christians. With anti-Catholics, I think the best approach is a questioning one–ask them what the biblical proof is for Sola Scriptura, and then ask them who compiled the Scriptures. With secularists, the best way is to befriend them and behave in a true Christian manner, perhaps occasionally extending an invitation to non-religious events at your parish like potlucks or golf tournaments, until they ask the questions. Anything else would be perceived as aggressive fundamentalism and only serve to confirm the Dawkinsian notions about stupid “sky fairy worshipers.”

Take such objections rather as an opportunity to preach the Faith and exemplify charity. Indeed, our behaviour sometimes will often put such folks to shame or embarassment (in a good way) and make the truth plainer to any audience or the persons themselves than our arguments will.

Still, you could use a blog or something like it and make sure that it is tagged in such a wise that a search engine will be more likely to bring up the post when someone of such a group uses it searching for key words or concepts familiar to them. That might at least help to make it obvious that there are rational and scriptural objections to their claims.

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I looked up their website, although strongly Protestant they do not consider themselves anti-Catholic as their founder Anthony Ashley Cooper was instrumental in 1829 in matters relating religious freedom for Roman Catholics. The Alliance was mainly founded to counterbalance the Oxford Movement - or rather those clergymen who did not have the courage to remain “Protestants” or to become “Fully Roman Catholic”. They do not publish nor sell the book against the Church you mention it. They have also changed directors and they are moving towards a more progressive and constructive dialogue without compromising their tenets. It appears that some of their meetings are even attended by Roman catholic clergymen.

I’m not so sure. Hitchens and Dawkins are for the most part off my radar screen. But living in the southwest I am literally surrounded by anti-Catholic Scotts-Irish folk like Ian Paisley. They are everywhere and impossible to avoid. They literally call Catholics non Christians who must be brought ‘to Jesus’. I was raised and converted from a ‘undenominational’ denomination who’s Vatican is in Nashville. When I left that ‘undenomination’ for Catholicism I was told I am no longer Christian, disowned and disinherited.

This my ex-family is still a huge influence, unavoidable. But…these secularists have to be actively sought out and have no influence on my day-to-day life.

They’re only “anti-Catholic” insofar as they believe Roman Catholicism to be false and Reformed protestantism to be true.

And insomuch as they seem to have some obsession with Lithuania and attempting to establish a correlation between suicide rates there been high due to the country been mainly full of naughty, naughty Catholics. In fact Greenland and not Lithuania has the highest rate in any case, Japan, South Korea and Guyana also figure high on the list for suicide rates. Which rather puts a spoke in their wheels as Japan is not noteable for having a high percentage of Catholics.

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