the protestant sermon thread.


Inspired by a thread the Catholics have somewhere around CAF where they discuss the Homily, I thought it’d be interesting to see what different protestant pastors preached on in various churches.

This thread isn’t meant for debate, but just to share what people learned/heard about that day in church. It’s helpful to also know what scriptures were read aloud before/during the sermon.

I’ll start:

Today I went to the local Episcopal church. I usually Attend the Assembly of God but they were meeting at an unusual place and time this morning and I couldn’t make it.

Scriptures read today:
Zechariah 12:8-10; 13;1
Psalm 63:1-8
Galatians 3:23-29
Luke 9:18-24

Sermon topic: Keeping Unity in the church.
Basically the point was to not easily become divided from other Christians based on things that do not directly affect our faith. (Like eating meat.) Most of the sermon was focused on the Galatians passage. And there was discussion on the old law vs. the new law.


I wasn’t able to go today because I was sick but we have in the past few weeks been studying the book of Esther. So I guess the passages read last week were the last two chapters since we were just finishing it up. Good book and a great way to show God’s faithfulness and how He always provides a way! :smiley:


At my Foursquare church we heard passages of I John, Galatians, and at least two from Psalms. The pastor discussed addiction. He said we all want to be God, which is the basic sin (This is a continuing theme. It was the second of apparently eight weeks on this subject). He said we try to control our pain by doing things bad for us, but really we only delay our pain. If we trust God to have a purpose for our pain, we can end addictions.
This was a good break, I felt, from the usual no-problems attitude our denomination sometimes has.


Just wanted to say I think this is a great idea for a thread!


My church keeps messages online.


thanks I’ve been meaning to post it for over a month and kept forgetting. :slight_smile:


Did you stand up when Luke was read?


Something I noticed and its not “scientific” but it definetely beat odds. There has been 2 times I have left on the christians channels for a afternoon. Occasionally switched a bit, but left on and went about housekeeping etc.

both times and this was over the winter, but the subjects of the various pastors, preachers were on similar themes. Not every last one but Id say 3/4 is fair. I wont say it happens all the time, but these couple times it did. There is no way for such a varied slice to come up with common themes, and odds are against it.

Anyway it left me fasinated. and wondering conspiricy like, maybe, just maybe there is a God up there :wink:


Yes we did. It’s expected. :wink:


I do not consider myself to be anything but Catholic, but since my communion is not in communion with Rome there are those who would consider me a Protestant/schismatic so I’ll participate here if it’s okay. BTW, the only reason we’re not in communion with Rome is because we’re still waiting for the Holy Father to make his submission to us :smiley:

Our Church uses the same readings as the Episcopal church so ours were the same as the OP. My homily centered around the necessity of sacrifice in relationship and God’s plan of salvation. In addition to the readings I used Genesis as well.

And yes, we ALWAYS stand for the reading of the Gospel and I ALWAYS kiss the Gospel after the reading :thumbsup:



The readings used by the Catholic Church and many of the mainline Protestant Churches each Sunday are the same. My Mom use to go to church with her Protestant Aunt and then her Aunt would go to Mass with her when they were traveling out of town together. The readings were the same and they enjoyed the insight of the different sermons/ homilies on the same readings.


:smiley: Just a little gentle teasing here folks, so don’t get angry with me.:slight_smile:

Isn’t it ironic that there is a thread about good Protestant sermons in a Catholic Apologetic forum? And that it is being discussed politely?

Just goes to prove that the people on this forum-both Catholics and Protestants- are just all around nice folks.:thumbsup:


I think it’s wonderful when we can get together and discuss without the claws coming out. Real issues divide us, but Faith and Christian love should remind us we’re all on the same side of the street if not currently living in the same house.

I do miss the content of Baptist sermons but not the length.:smiley:


Ok seriously, that gave me a chill or whatever ya wanna call it. wow, I keep saying Gods sneaky :wink: Maybe He really does know what Hes doing after all :smiley:

anyone else have examples of that to if its derailing we could start another thread. ??


My pastor preached on tithing. His text was “bring all the tithes into the storehouse”, and about how God blesses those who donate, not just money, but time and talents as well, to the church, to the poor, & to charity.


My minister has been doing a sermon series on fellowship with God.

How do we get it, how do we lose it(not salvation) just fellowship and how do we get it back.

Sunday he went over a long list of sin and then went into what we need to do to get back into fellowship with God.

I will be away the next 2 Sundays --so Ill miss the sermons but I can get them online.:thumbsup:

Dont report me to the missing mass(or church in my case) on vacation thread:p :thumbsup: :wink:


A selection of anthems and sermons from my church are online.

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