The Protestants Closest to Catholicism

Which Protestant denomination is the most closest to Catholic Church teaching, theology and practice?


Certain Anglicans and Episcopalians come close(ish).

Most closest?
I would say less far away…


I like the “least furthest” idea than closest

The Catholic church cannot and will not ever be a cafeteria.

There is probably one or two in “left field” but no others “in the ballpark.”


OK, they aren’t protestants! But I still say some of their thinking is.

I believe Episcopalians and Lutherans.

I would say Anglicans.

Some anglican(episcopal)churches have high masses which are very close to Catholic and also offer confession.

High Church Anglicanism and High Lutheran appears almost indistinguishable from Catholicism in there outward appearance and many doctrines (I find myself agreeing with High Church Anglicans more often then not, in fact I thought one Anglican at my university was Catholic, until he told me otherwise).

No Protestants are close to Catholics…

what about the Orthodox? although not Protestant wouldn’t they be the closest?
Some Lutheran have devotion to Mary and Some Anglican or high Anglican have confession


In that order. Doesn’t compare though, just came from all three on a ridiculous sabbatical.

I would have to say Epicopalians. I went to an Episcopal Church yesterday to hear my Bishop preach. It was an interchurch event where people of different denominations get together for a service. confrence and prayer. It was new to me and quite different, but there are similarities between Catholics and Epicopalians.

That is right! Catholics cannot pick and choose what suits them.

Lutherans overall, but High Church Anglicans are probably the closest. When you include morals it’s conservative/traditional Lutherans

No there are not suppose to , but most do. I think that happens in all denomiations. There is not a perfect one.

Until you can say that you know ALL the Catholics in the world, I think your claim that “most do” is downright silly.

And, you’re right in one regard. “They are not supposed to.” Darn straight, and no-one should forget it.

allright, many do , I"m sure you will agree with that.
I didn’t say All, I said most and all the ones I know are.

I would not include Lutherans without qualification. Lutherans in the US are organized into synods and they are quite different from each other.

By far the largest one is the ELCA and it is very liberal (open communion, women pastors, openly gay pastors, abortion coverage in clergy health plans, etc.).

The second and third largest are LCMS and WELS. They are much more conservative.

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