The "Punk Priest".... Everything about this just looks horribly wrong...


Everything about this just looks horribly wrong… :dts:

(Make sure that your speakers are on for the full assault.)


I read the responses he gave to questions he was asked., They were all thoughtful, insightful and above all totally in line with the teachings of the Church. As fae as the song playing-I dint like that one even when it is sung correctly.


I’ve had aquaintence of people who have actually known and been ministered to by this Priest, they are some very orthodox Catholics and have nothing but good things to say about this holy Priest.


Is he an Eastern rite priest? I can’t tell. He has this whole section on his love of Eastern Catholicism and its traditions:

His heroes are also Eastern:


Reading the stuff on his site–he seems like a great priest! (oh, I think I figured out he is Roman rite).


With respect…are you serious? Is this the kind of image that should be projected about the priesthood? Especially now that the priesthood has been all but discredited in the eyes of many? This guy seems completely self-obsessed and narcissistic.

I think he needs to read this:


I didn’t see any indication where he says he’s a Roman Catholic Priest.

I have come across a few people over the years, who belong to religions who claim they are catholic. Their so-called priest dress in traditional Roman Catholic clothing, they have a mass of sorts and from the not so well informed, they would appear to be Roman Catholic. But they’re not!

Some support abortion, homosexual life-styles etch.

The bottom line is, beware of what you think is Roman Catholic, for if its too outrageous as the one in the link, its probably not.



I haven’t read anything on his site yet, so I really can’t say anything about him one way or another, but…the song IMHO is terribly disrespectful. They have taken a wonderful and inspiring hymn praising Our Lord, and turned it in to something almost blasphemous.:nope: I would definitely agree with that part with the OP. That is just plain wrong, to say the very least distasteful.


I don’t know, he comes from a unique interesting background. He also has excellent things to say on the saints and traditional art and music (granted, my speakers don’t work). He seems like a good example of a penitent. He’s made more sacrifices most of us would ever make. He explains why he made his website, it doesn’t seem self-obsessed. He may reach an audience that wouldn’t normally give the truth a chance.

Anyway, if you want to criticize a priest, you should do it to Our Lord and do penance for him, rather than publicly attacking him–or so has said Our Lord to many saints.


As I said before I think the song, even when sung correctly, is terrible. Perhaos that was the point he was making-at least it wasnt “Morning has Broken”


I’d suggest you check with the Diocise before passing final judgment.


I am free to form my own opinion, thank you. :slight_smile:


Actually if you look about and click the link to his Parish, you’ll see the Church is a Roman Catholic Church within a Roman Catholic Diocese.

As for the song on the home page…I thought it was a horrid version.


I bet he will reach many that the more traditional would not. I say way to go, keep it up, help some people move forward and maybe many take their first step in their spiritual journey.


Before I say anything less that complimentary about one of God’s Holy Ordained, I’ll make sure I have facts. Yes, you are free to form an opinion.


I think it is cool that their is a priest out there that has the same taste in music as I do. I used to have a 1 foot tall, blue, liberty spiked mohawk. Unfortuanately I had to cut it to get a job.


From what I read, its an Eastern Rite Church in an Eastern Rite diocese, which is in union with Rome.



He seems to be reaching out and really interested in evangelism. Music is music, not an indication of a good or bad priest. I listen to some pretty ugly grunge music sometimes with my son, in order to relate to him and share in his interests. Listening to it does not affect my love of jazz, classical, or sacred music.

I know a hispanic priest who dances at weddings and quinceañeras. When I first heard that, I really had to gulp to keep from criticizing him. After all, Latin music and dancing can be very sexy. But I am sure he dances chastely, and to appropriate songs. And I know for a fact that he has swelled his parish a thousand percent since he became pastor in January. He goes to the people rather than waiting for them to come to him.

Our culture is so overcome by the media that priests these days sometimes have to do unconventional things to get their parishes involved and interested.

I say we should applaud the Punk Priest for reaching out. His parish probably has a huge youth group because of him.



I have mixed feelings about this. I didn’t see anything objectionable on his website, though I didn’t like the version of the song, and don’t see any reason to think he’s anything but an excellent priest. I’ve certainly known priests who looked, er, more “priestly,” but that doesn’t mean they did a better job. If he passes muster with his Diocese than God bless him for following the call of the Lord.


Actually, there is no such freedom for a good Catholic. The principle of charity requires one to “interpret insofar as possible a neighbor’s thoughts, words, and deeds in a favorable way.” Failure to do so is the sin of rash judgment.

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