The Pure Life theme song

Hello Church,

Does anyone know where I could get a recorded version of the theme song from “The Pure Life” on EWTN. I was channel surfing last night and happened on to EWTN when it was playing as the outro. IT’S HOT FIRE!!! I caught the artists name, Kelly Pease, and the title “There is Life,” yet internet searches have beared little fruit.

REWARD: Anyone providing help in this matter will receive 3 attaboys or attagirls, and a guaranteed high five if we ever meet in person. Also, if you are able to find a legal and free way for me to get ahold of this song, I’d be more than pleased to add you in my Rosary intentions for a week. (I’ve never seen bribes forbidden in the forum rules).

God Bless yins

This song is one on the Steubenville weekend CD. It will only be posted suring the summer of 2009

Wow. Nearly a year after I posed the question someone has come through. Well played DavidRLewis… Well played. You are a model Catholic Christian and I thank you for your service.

As promised, I will keep you in my prayers and here are your 3 attaboys.


It is after Catholic ANSWERS … what good would the site be if it were just questions. I am glad I could help, and thank you for your prayers. I stumbled upon your question while searching for the lyrics, and I knew the answer so thought I would share. I didn’t realize how long your post had been up until I had posted my reply. I am just glad the answer made it to you. God bless you, and have a beautiful day.

Hopefully you received the information about this song but if not, go to and send her an email. Or, let me know and I will get it for you.
God bless

I like the song too and have been looking for it as well.

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