The purpose of the Sacred Heart devotion

In another thread, there was a discussion about the Sacred Heart devotion…

I’ve always been drawn to this devotion and I’ve read a bit about it but I’ve never really practiced it entirely. For example, I’ve never done the first Friday devotion, though I’d love to, - mostly because I couldn’t go to Mass on Fridays.

I have a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in my room and I like to look at it often when I pray. I also feel that this devotion is related to reparation for sin but I haven’t read enough about it to confirm this.

I’d love to study the devotion further, does anyone have any book recommendations? :slight_smile:

I was also thinking…every devotion in the Church has a purpose… for example, the Divine Mercy devotion is to help people undestand and accept God’s mercy. What is the purpose of this devotion? Again I feel it’s something quite profound but don’t really know and can’t put it into words. I wish I could read more about this devotion but dont know where.

God bless :slight_smile: .Hope this helps,Rocky.

I don’t have a reference for this because I was told verbally, but here goes. I was told by a priest a while ago that Jesus revealed the Sacred Heart devotion to Saint Margaret Mary because of certain attitudes that were prevalent in the French Church at the time. The error of Jansenism was affecting a lot of people, over-emphasising the strictness of God’s justice. The priest said that Jesus revealed the Sacred Heart devotion to emphasise God’s mercy as expressed through the human heart of Jesus, as as counter to the excessive strictness of Jansenism. Hope this helps.


I share your sentiments on the S.H. Just have seen many different versions. Thank you for this thread.

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