The quote interface looks terrible

This very confusing to read.

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This isn’t okay? I think if you quote properly it looks fine.

Just doing a cheeky quoting practice post… don’t mind me.

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Meta quote.

The one thing I don’t like is that you can’t post fewer than 20 characters. This post would be better if it just said “Meta quote.”

I guess some people were not doing it correctly that’s what I saw.

I believe that number can be changed, but the 20 character requirement is meant to make people add meaningfully to the conversation. Instead of people quoting one post and giving a “I agree” or a :+1: you can “like” :heart: the post and your support gets recorded, but it doesn’t clutter up the conversation. I’m not sure that many things less than 20 characters actual adds to a conversation, but that’s me.

I guess it doesn’t bother me since I can’t give someone the time in less than 20 words let alone 20 characters. :persevere:

Pray for any people that have to endure a homily I might give after ordination. :pray:


Ok, it was the post from the old site that didnt come out.

You can’t beat my priest. The longest Homily I can remember from him was 35 minutes.

edit: Ahaha, I wrote you can’t be my priest, instead of beat.

Being verbose is something of a quirk of mine too. But I won’t be ordained a priest unless something very weird happens, so there’s that. Longest sermon I ever sat through was around the 1hr 45min mark. We surely knew that verse inside and out by the end of it!!!

I won’t be ordained as a priest either; my wife and 7 kids kinda preclude that, but I guess it is more possible than you being ordained based on your picture. :wink:

I guess it’s good for parishioners that Deacons in my diocese only do the homily once every month or two. :smiley:

Me too, but I can’t seem to figure this out. :upside_down_face: I can only seem to get it to quote one word. To do this I finally had to copy and paste. Maybe I’ll eventually figure it out.

He he, there I go, nearly Catholic and forgetting about Deacons! I’ll get there in the end.

How do you quote somebody else’s post?

It is not working too well for me. Granted I post on my iPhone, so that might make a difference. The only way I’ve figured out how to do it is to select what I want to quote and copy it. When I select something the word ‘quote’ shows up on my screen. I then tap that, and then I’m brought to the reply page with the quote. The problem I’m having is that it only quotes the one word that comes up as select first. That’s why I have ended up copying. Then I just erase the one word it puts in the quote and paste what I’ve copied in the quote box.

That probably made no sense…lol! Sorry for my lack of ability to explain things well!

The above post was meant to be a reply to you, _Abyssinia, I thought I’d hit the correct arrow to show a reply to you, but I guess not. Hopefully this one works! :grinning:

First, hit reply to the post you want to quote.
After the editor pops up, click on the quote bubble icon on the editor tool bar. It is the first icon on the left, a little like this :right_anger_bubble:.

That will put a ‘quote block’ immediately at the front of your reply like the old software did. If you start typing a reply and then hit the bubble it will insert the quote block wherever the cursor was. That is why I suggest doing it immediately after the editor opens.

One oddity is the the tags for the quote need to be on seperate lines from what you are quoting. If you don’t, then it will treat the quotes like this:

[quote="_Abyssinia, post:15, topic:448802, full:true"]How do you quote somebody else’s post?

looks fine with dark background…

yes, the dark background makes everything much better

highlight what you want to quote, then hit the QUOTE button that appears…it’s actually easier that the old CAF!
Yep, I like something on the new format! Shudderz!


Testing to see if this works. Worked great!! Thanks!

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