The Rabbi, the Prophet, and Mohammed

There is a true story that many Muslims know about a wise and learned rabbi who studied the Scriptures night and day, and he found in the Scriptures the prophecies which pertained to the coming prophet like Moses. He waited with anxious hope for this prophet, and when he heard about a prophet in the area, he thought the prophet was the one he had been waiting for. As soon as Mohammed came to town, he went over to him and greeted him joyously, and declared him to be the coming Prophet before all of the Jews. He converted to Islam, in secret, for fear of the Jews, whom he called liars and murderers, and lived the rest of his life as a Muslim.

I’m telling you this story because my Muslim friend believes this story proves Mohammed is spoken of in the Bible. As I explained to him and I will explain to you (though he would not listen to the truth): The Prophet, the man believed to be a prophet like Moses, is the Messiah. In Judaism, revelation is ongoing. Israel first awaited a prophet. Than God revealed that the prophet would also be a king, so they awaited a prophetic king. Than God revealed that the Messiah would suffer and die, and so they awaited a suffering servant of God. And that suffering servant, that Messiah, thet Prophet to come, is Jesus.

The Prophet is not Mohammed. Mohammed did not fulfill any of the messanic prophecies. Nor could he, since Jesus is the Christ (the Messiah). So the rabbi who eagerly accepted him as the Prophet was incorrect about calling Mohammed God’s Prophet. In fact, I have a hunch Mohammed had no idea what “Prophet” the Jews were exactly looking for; I believe he thought the rabbi was accepting him as the type of prophet that Islam believes in. And when he converted to Islam, of course he would accept what the Muslims believe. So let this be a lesson to everyone: Be careful how you interpret the Sacred Scriptures, because it could be the difference between falling in love with God and changing your religion.

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