The rabbis of Conservative Judaism pass a resolution supporting transgender rights

A step forward for those whose gender identity does not match the sex assigned to them at birth:

An influential body of rabbis passed a resolution last week calling for synagogues to be “explicitly welcoming” to transgender people.

As the country debates which bathrooms transgender people can use, the rabbis of Conservative Judaism officially declared their support of transgender rights.

The rabbis’ resolution begins by stating, “Our Torah asserts that all humanity is created b’tzelem Elohim, in God’s Divine Image.” It discusses historical evidence of “non-binary gender expression” in Jewish texts dating back to the third-century Mishnah, and points out current-day discrimination against transgender Americans in employment, medical care and voting rights.

The Rabbinical Assembly called on synagogues, camps, schools and other institutions affiliated with the Conservative movement to make sure their facilities meet the needs of transgender people and to use the names and pronouns that people prefer. It also encouraged Conservative institutions to advocate for national and local policies on behalf of transgender people.

A step forward for those whose gender identity does not match the sex assigned to them at birth

:roll eyes:

Who is it do you think “assigns” someone’s sex? That would be God. Male and female he made them. All this shows is that the Jewish faith has not been able to stay any more orthodox in their belief in scripture and God’s sacred word than the Christian faith as a whole has.

Oh big deal. I’m sure they are supportive of all the LGBT agenda.

I’m looking for the corrected translation of Genesis 1:27, where it states that "male, and female, and bi-gendered, and cross-dresser, and drag king, and drag queen, and femme queen, and female-to-male, and FTM, and gender bender, and genderqueer, and male-to-female, and MTF, and non-op, and hijra, and pangender, and trans(s)sexual, and trans person, and butch, and two-spirit, and trans, and agender, and third sex, and genderfluid, and non-binary transgender androgyne, and gender gifted, and gender blender, and femme, and person of transgender experience, and androgynous created He them.

God only made two genders. Male and Female. That is common sense. This is in our heart. There is no excuse to talk otherwise.

The Church and Church leaders need to preach against this gender theory asap. The Church sat back while gay marriage was being passed in country after country. Still do we rarely hear in the prayer intentions at mass to pray for marriage between one man and one woman and to pray that the homosexual agenda must be stopped and have a change of heart back to God.

God help us!

I am very upset that only sexual delusions are accepted. About 25 years ago I realized i was a bear trapped in a humans body. i have suffered grievously because of it. i have been banned from many hotels for defecating in the potted plants in the lobby(everybody knows bears defecate in the woods), Restaurants refuse to server me raw meat and I have yet to find an employer that will accommodate my need to sleep for 3 months a year. .

Why no support for me from the Rabbis??? Shouldn’t LGBT be changed to LBGTB??? Are not ALL delusions created equal!!!

You have my **total support **Estesbear.

Thank you. If I could I would give you a great big BEAR HUG!

You guys are so jaded!

[hmm they ask themselves… is he joking with us, or… does he think we are really jaded?]

Personally, I always considered myself an emerald, but the government refuses to accept my transmineral identity, so I’ve had to live a lie.


Absolutely. I just woke up and realized I’m actually a Koala bear but no one recognizes this! Three pharmacies refused to sell me eucalyptus oil to get high on! And my boss won’t let me sleep in my tree 16 hours a day! Oppression! Injustice! It should be changed to LGBTBK! :stuck_out_tongue:

They don’ seem to have a clue or care regarding those afflicted by gender identity issues.

Orthodox Judaism has remained, well, orthodox. Conservative Judaism was created as a middle-of-the-road reaction against Reform Judaism, which was believed to be too extreme a departure from orthodoxy. However, Conservative Judaism has become increasingly liberal in its social views over time.

just care about the bear facts.

Now you must define all these terms.

All this time, I never knew.

Not all. Same-sex marriage, for example, is still hotly debated within the Conservative movement of Judaism. Commitment ceremonies are permitted, but marriage is quite another issue.

So much for welcoming all God’s children.

So, is the concern that if we acknowledge transgender identity issues more people will have them? And opt for same sex unions or something rather than get married to someone of the opposite sex?

I always enjoy it when an issue is brought to its just absurdity by good natured humour. However we must not deride the very small proportion of good people affected by a disordered understanding of their gender. However, we can indeed deride the rush to join the many governmental and religious structures that demand we bow to this disorder as a right that deserves a change in our educational standards; in the raising of our children; and the architecture of our social buildings and the linguistics of our social welcome.
May we pray for our society that it not fall for a false ideology that is against the will of God for the nature of man. I fear that we have translated society into government and are fated to be led to our cultural doom by the dregs that rise to the top of our politics.

How many here have a friend or family member who struggles with transgender identity?

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