The Race Card, Football, and ME

Yep. The media got it wrong again. Read the real story in his own words.

“David Checketts, an investor and owner of sports teams, approached me in late May about investing in the St. Louis Rams football franchise. As a football fan, I was intrigued. I invited him to my home where we discussed it further. Even after informing him that some people might try to make an issue of my participation, Mr. Checketts said he didn’t much care. I accepted his offer.”


your post is from the media, so if the media got it wrong then your post would be wrong, and it was not Tawana Brawley who played a key role

Its an article written by Limbaugh, genus.

He is successful in media
He espouses family values by multiple divorce
Conservative values like personal drug addiction
Pay your own way like using the ACLU for your court cases
Build your own career by using your dad’s radio station


He who is without sin…

blames Al Sharpton, Tawana Brawley, Jesse Jackson, Michael Wilbon, DeMaurice Smith, Barack Obama, and Donovan McNabb (all black). It is not racism it is just black people that he claims cause problems !

and Nancy Pelsoi, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton, Leahy, etc. etc. Quit playing the racial card when their is no racial element.

I love the way conservatives often refuse to poney up that there side makes mistakes. I wish more of you guys would take a page from Crane Durham’s book.

Red herrings, with respect to Rush’s article.

Interesting that not one person thus far has addressed any of the points Limbaugh made in his article just ad hominen attacks. But then that is preety much what i expected when I opened the thread.

that is why it is called spin, Tawana Brawley, or illegitimate children did not create the problem oops I just address his points

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