The RCC and the Jw's. Help me to make a statement

a) The Jws were founded by a fanatical, heretical and insane individual(Russell) who believed that the second coming of Christ took place in 1874 and expected the end of the world in 1914. Quoting from the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. b) The Jw’s have been around less than two centuries. The RCC was founded on Peter 2000 years ago. c) The Jw’s take in consideration a Bible(NWT) which is not an authorized version and it’s not recognized and they reject the historical truth of the Church and its doctrines which have been part of the development of the traditional theology of the Church for 2000 years. The Trinity (180 A.D.) was developed according to a deep study of Scriptures by the Fathers of the Church to set in stone the true doctrines of the Bible and to condemn all the teachings of the heretics throughout the centuries. d) The Jw’s have no historical foundation linked to Christ or the Apostles. The RCC has biblical(Mat 16:18), physical(Peter and all the Popes are buried in the Vatican). historical(the unbroken chain of the Apostles from Peter to nowadays). e) The Jw’s are a cult like many others existed throughout the centuries founded by an heretical leader who ignored the true Church and history and corrupted the mind of weak and ignorant people.


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Jeff Schwehm
Fellowship of Catholic Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

Thank you so much Jeff, amazing web site. I’m reading all the material and I also found other great links to defend the catholic faith. This is an amazing journey for me because I’m discovering more and more about the catholic faith and how to answer all the the other religions and cults. My quest is the truth and nothing else.

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