The RCC has long ago abandoned the Scriptures


I am curious, Nick, what is it you think Catholicism teaches about salvation that is “something other than what Paul and James” mean?

Since the Catholic Church wrote the scriptures (Paul and James being Catholic), and the NT represents only what the Catholic Church teaches, it would seem clear that nothing in them contradicts Catholic Teaching. I can only imagine that you have misunderstand what you have read.


You’re assuming that Catholic Teaching is the same now as it was when they wrote/compiled the Scriptures. If this Nick fellow isn’t Catholic then he doesn’t share this assumption, by definition.


I agree with you. Do you also think that Catholic Teaching is different now than when the NT was written?


To be honest I’m a fence-sitter at the moment (raised Evangelical, but Catholic-curious). So I tend to take “devil’s advocate” positions in various threads to stimulate discussion. Don’t mind me. :blush: I am curious as to your response to my objection though. Your argument would be a strong one if the underlying assumption were proven.


I believe that the mustard seen church in the NT has grown into a large tree. I think the modern day Church is as difficult to recognize as that seed would be compared to the tree. However, I also see that the doctrines of the church have never changed. This I learned by studying historical theology.


One can read the Early Church Fathers (specifically Ignatius) and see that the Mass is basically celebrated the same. Other Church Fathers such as Augustine can show how many of today’s beliefs and teachings within the Church were also believed and taught in the 1st few centuries.


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