The real differences between men and women?

i keep hearing that men and women are equal but different. but in real life, i’m just not seeing it.

what are the real differences?

i know, i will probably get answers like “men are generally more intellectual and women more emotional” or “men are better protectors and women are more nurturing”. but for each generalization, there are exceptions. i know intellectual men and women, i know not so intellectual people of both sexes. i know emotion guys and less emotional girls. outgoing guys and girls, shy girls and guys.

we instinctively know which sex we are but i think we’ve gone wrong by stereotyping it by personality traits and activities. this makes the people who don’t necessarily fit in to the molds outcasts.

tomboys are always told that they’re not feminine enough and the more sensitive guys are frowned upon.

does anyone understand what i mean? and any thoughts?

I think the responses given on your other thread were pretty good.:shrug:

What additional opinions are you looking for? Anything specific?

everyone keeps meantioned equal but different but no one can say what these differences are. and the differences certain people do come up with can go both ways

Massive amounts of testosterone. Seriously, that is the only thing I can think of.

Females produce some testosterone, too, but if an XY fetus does not have the heavy testosterone genes switch into action, he will not develop into a phenotypical male and will be presumed to be a sterile female.

The presence of high levels of testosterone not only develops the male configuration, but it also affects neural development and pathways in the womb. This is why boys of younger ages tend to be less mature in many domains than girls of their cohort, and why there is some truth to why girls and boys have “tendencies” to learning differences and subject preferences years after being born.

The presence of high levels of testosterone again during puberty bring on the secondary sex characteristics like increased facial hair, muscular definition, lowered voice, crazy libido, etc.

Good one. :thumbsup: Well spotted. :thumbsup:

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