The real MP spotlight will be on

the NO Mass.

That just occurred to me while reading comments on various blogs. Suddenly the story behind the development of the NO Mass is going to become something of a hot topic in both Catholic and non-Catholic circles.

As if they will stop abuses ?? Incorporate more latin to compete.

I don’t see it happening to tell you the truth.

All I’m saying is that I think the whole story behind the development of the NO Mass will now become an item of much discussion. What will come of that discussion, I don’t know. But it couldn’t hurt.

I see your point. People of my generation (I was born in 1965) probably don’t know much about the TLM. The Motu Proprio will lead some to ask questions and research. That is a good thing!

If studying history and the Church Fathers can lead some protestants (like Scott Hahn) to the Catholic Church, perhaps a little Church history will highlight the TLM to a new generation of Catholics who thirst for something more reverent than the Mass they grew up with.

I have a lot to say about the transition to the NO. I lived it. I had to sing Simon and Garfunkle tunes (Bride over Troubled Waters) and (Sounds of Silence) at my Catholic high school graduation in May, 1969. Welcome to the NO.

I recently posted on a thread about my critique and was basically blown away with, Dude it’s 38 years later.

Dude, had I not found a reverent NO parish and was willing to drive 25 miles, I’d probably be at an SSPX chapel except I’m too Catholic for that. I went to an SSPX chapel once and my little Irish pre-VII conscience gave me fit after I found out they were not in allegieance witht the Holy Father.

We were sold a bill of goods in the late 60s. Oh, the transition frrom the Latin Mass to the NO will take years. The 1965 Missal was issued with the hybrid Mass in Latin and in English. In less than two years it was obsolete. Oh, we rail against the priest reciting the TLM in under 20 minutes but we never, ever, recall that there were priests who could do the NO in less than 25 minutes on Saturday (which was a new concept to say the least).

I have a mighty fine cathedral parish. I’m fairly certain that we will shortly be offering the TLM and that I will either offer my services as an acolyte or as a member of the schola.

I will once again enter unto the altar of God - the God of my joy and my youth. I’ve prayed and waited for this for an awful long time.

Domine, non sum dignus.

AMEN! :highprayer:

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