"The Real Santa Claus was Catholic?" Article for the Catholic feast day of St Nicholas, which is Thursday, December 6, in 2018


This article is at https://denvercatholic.org/the-real-santa-claus-was-catholic/

Saint Nicholas, who stood out for his acts of generousity, lived in the 300s in what is now Turkey. He would become a Catholic bishop.

“It’s said that on another occasion, he learned of three young women who wanted to marry, but whose father didn’t have the necessary means to marry them. When Nicholas found out, pretending to do a work of charity without being noticed, he dropped a few golden coins down the chimney, which coincidentally fell in the sewn cotton stockings the young ladies had left drying. This is the origin of the common practice of hanging stockings by the chimney and receiving gifts in them.”

“In one of the persecutions that occurred in the Roman Empire, he was captured and imprisoned for almost 30 years. From his cell, he kept growing in holiness and prayed for the Church, even as the prison guards taunted him, telling him that the Christian faith was over.”

– See the actual face of Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, at https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-30354994
Reconstructed by modern science from skeletal remains and historical records


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