The Reality of Heaven and Hell

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This questions is for all the Christians out there and I am not interested in any kind of debate. I am just interested in your experiences and suggestions.

I will make a long story short. About two and a half months ago, I had an experience where the true reality of heaven and hell all converged in the flash of a moment. It took me about a week to recover. However, I am being overwhelmed and have been since the experience. The overwhelming part is that I (we) are truly created by an awesome Being that is so far above us as we are an ant. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this. I guess it is hard to explain how one feels unless one has experienced something similar. I was wondering if anyone out there has had an experience similar to this and if so, how did you handle the being overwhelmed by such a truth?

I would be immediately leery of this experience. A Christian in good standing experiencing some sort of extraordinary mystical experience with God would be expected to feel more of the “fatherly” love and relevance to Him unless there was a lesson to be taught here. After all, Jesus suffered and died for us - that is not an irrelevant level of love that should make us feel like insignificant ants. That said, I have always felt that a soul full of grave sin placed before God is so overwhelmed by His majesty and holiness that hell essentially becomes a mercy to give such a soul a place to hide from the unbearable shame and spiritual pain of being found soiled before its Creator.

I have never had an experience like this. But I have recently had a vivid dream with a unique rendering of religious star symbols similar to what I have seen woven into my parish’s Catholic altar cloth - Jewish in origin but not the contemporary David’s star rendering. These appeared prominent mid-way up over the horizon & physically large - but planar like on a a large flat card or tablet - paired. It was as if I was standing outside and looking at the sky - I think I recall that it was daytime. They suddenly started rapidly flipping rectilinearly in different geometrical orientations and paired patterns as if conveying a coded message. The image seems more real than what one would perceive by natural eyesight or by mere dream – if that makes any sense. I could not consciously discern a meaning as the patterns were clearly coded and moved too quickly for me to contemplate or mull over. I do recall that I felt as if my inner spirit understood the meaning but I have no conscious knowledge of what it meant or said. All I could do is look on. I was more impressed with the hugeness of the event and was trying to get the other person that was in my dream to take notice before it was gone. I pointed and asked her “look there - do you see that too?” It was quite interesting and unlike anything I recall before. I felt annoyed that the other person in my dream who is dear to me but deceased did not seem to care or acknowledge it. I also later felt annoyed at my self for not trying to interpret the meaning behind the symbols and at how fast they sequenced and the possibly that I may have missed some of what transpired by turning away momentarily to try to get the other person to look too before it stopped. That it did after a short time.



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In my opinion, this has been a gift from God. Others have also had such experiences including Catherine of Sienna, John of the Cross and the Children at Fatima.

All such things are fleeting for a reason. If we were exposed to God’s brilliance or to the True reality of Hell for more than the briefest instant, we would die.

It is not surprising therefore that you are not able to “wrap your head around it”. The best advice is not to try. Accept the lesson(s) of the vision and move on. Dwelling on them too much is counterproductive. They are too much above our reason and our ability to quantify, qualify or rationalize with either human thought or language.

Accept it, thank God for it and move on.


What a truely incredible grace, you are truely blessed to receive this.

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