The Reality of Sex and the Lie of “Gender Self-Identity”

I don’t think you understand transgenderism too well. Maybe read up on it and meet some folks who identify as transgender.

Exactly. In this, as in all things, the truth is objective and cannot be altered by a person’s subjective feelings.

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I live in Europe. There is certainly a widespread view that Americans are violent, uneducated and fat. I don’t think people regard Americans as puritanical, prudish or stupid.
However, these sweeping assumptions are often a reflection of the holder’s own shortcomings.

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Indeed God created every human with the longing desire to love. However Satan corrupts this longing for love in “vulnerable/wounded” souls who are not in a state of grace. That leads to all sorts of deviations. Anything God creates, Satan corrupts or tries to corrupt. The only way to get out of any sort of deviation/perversion produced by Satan is to turn to God and try to be in a state of grace. Unfortunately most people who sin do not believe Satan exists. They dont even believe they are sinning. How do you cure someone who does not even believe to be ill?

I totally disagree with this. Totally.

This is a terrible thing to say. People who have same sex attraction or are transgender are not "“vulnerable/wounded” souls who are not in a state of grace”. They are, perhaps, mentally ill. Perhaps affected by hormonal influences they have no hand in.


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You have the right to disagree. No problem. But try at least and understand what i am saying. A child who inherits a genetic disease from parents has no guilt in inheriting the disease, yet the child is sick anyway and needs treatment.

LOL this. I have several friends who are Europhiles. There are amazing things in Europe; but when I hear people spout off with attitudes like that it makes me realize that Europeans and Americans are humans who can exhibit stupid and bigoted behavior. It makes as much sense and is as accurate as referring to the French as cheese eating surrender monkeys.

That’s not at all what you said. You implied that they were vulnerable and not in a state of grace and succumbed to Satan’s temptation to be gay or transgender. Totally wrong.

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I am trying to explain to you the reasoning of my words. If you do not want to accept or understand them then its up to you. Let me make my thought clear once more. People who live an LGBT life style are living in sin, wether they realise it or not. That also applies for anybody who is openly or hiddenly living a life of sin, be it fornication in a heterosexual context, or pride, envy, greed, etc. Such souls, are marred by sin, and will continue to fall into pervesion unless they look up to God. Now if someone has a same sex attraction but is trying not to live a same-sex life style for the sake of God, or if some one has an inclination for a particular sin, but yet tries as much as possible not to do the sin, then that person has God’s favour and God wiill give that person strength and grace to go on.

That person will always be chromosomally XY (most often) and have a penis (though there are medical options there). But we attach a lot more to “X is a man” than that. It’s in those social matters that a given person with a Y chromosome and a penis may identify as a woman instead.

No one is denying reality. Some people are denying the overriding importance of certain characteristics (chromosomes, genitalia) in determining whether a person is, or should be socially treated as, a man or a woman. There’s a very strong correlation, certainly — no one denies, either, that the vast majority of people are cisgender — but it has been recognized for decades even in our culture that not everyone is, just as not everyone is heterosexual.

No one is demanding that girls compete against boys. They are demanding that additional girls be allowed to compete as such. Note that these (trans) girls and women will almost certainly be taking hormones specifically to counteract whatever masculinization their bodies have undergone. No one is going, “Ha ha, I, a cis male, will use my mighty man muscles to compete in women’s sports!”

Sorry, what do you mean by “additional girls”?

Trans girls.

Identifying as something doesn’t mean that you are what you identify as. We are who we are, regardless of who we think we are, whether we like it or not.

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Ah, therein lies the problem. Sport is segregated by sex to accommodate the different physical capacities typical of the sexes. Boys compete with Boys and Girls with Girls. This segregation only serves its purpose (and retains fairness) when the segregation is by sex (uninfluenced by hormonal manipulations), NOT by gender identity.

If a boy who is identifying as a girl but has the natural physical characteristics of the male sex is admitted to a female competition, this defeats the purpose of segregated sport and is unfair. This seems to capture the scenarios that we hear about in the press.

That unfairness might be eliminated at some later date once hormonal manipulations have been applied to the male so that that person’s physical capacities are transitioned to be more typical of females.


So if someone truly believes he is the Emperor Claudius, it must be true, right? Because the delusion exists for him.

They’re. Not. Girls.

You might notice that I was responding to someone who was questioning the concept of “gender identity” and I was talking about what people experience or feel, not what they are. I even gave the example of depression. Someone might be depressed and feel that their life is totally hopeless. But of course, their life might not be as bad as they feel it is and their feelings about their life situation are probably made much worse by depression. I’ve never experienced that kind of depression or felt that hopeless, but that doesn’t mean that those feelings don’t exist for other people. And I’ve never experienced gender dysphoria either, but that doesn’t mean that other people don’t experience that.

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