The reason why I believe is


**What do we need a God for?

That’s what was title and asked in a TV show last night.
There was a Protestant Bishop (who spoke very well), a convinced young man pointing out the reality of Jesus Resurrection quite convincing, an atheist woman author in “missionary enthusiasm for Atheism” as she said, and a movie actor who tried to proof his disbelieve with the bible, in which he found “a lot of antitheses”.

Result was: No Result really.
I think it was such in Jesus time, and it might remain such until Jesus comes again in all His might and power to judge the world.
Result of the show was, to speak in Football language: Goalless draw.
The audience applauded both parties alike.
That’s because none of the two parties ever has or will have any proof. That means; both have to make up their own proofs.

Now, there are two ways to do so in case of BELIEVE where the holy word indicates; BELIEFE is necessary as the only way. Jesus kept saying so e.g. in Mat 9:22, Marc 5:34 + 10:52, Luke 7:50 + 8:48 + 17:19 + 18:42.
But no, not merely believe (“they simply believe something that pleases them an atheist said”) but several components as well, such as open ears, open eyes, open mind, and loving deeds; deeds according to Mat 7,16.

Unbelievers take their convincement for true and scoop their settled conviction out of what they see only. Sorry, but it reminds much so on dogs, who believe what they smell only. What doesn’t smell, is inexistent.

The overwhelming direct consequence of the life and death of Jesus Christ (not mentioning Jesus resurrection in which they don’t believe) they reject. If they’d dare to (just for a try) read openhearted this life and word of Jesus Christ, consequences would be overwhelmingly clear. It’s not so much that they can’t believe, they reject faith. Often out of disappointments in their lives, more often though, they simply trust science more than the higher and highest peace of God, which transcends all understanding in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:7) And this is felt by Christians – rejected by atheists.

Why don’t you tell atheists who might read here once in a while, trying to discover why you believe; WHY YOU BELIEVE.


The reason why I believe is…

  1. Nothing makes any sense at all (to me) without there being a creator. How did everything get here? It’s like a glaring question mark to me. That makes me want to know why we’re here.

  2. If this really is all there is, then it seems so pointless to me. 70 years of life, 50 years, 1 year, what difference would it make? It would be pointless. So there’s no good reason to avoid searching for true meaning.

  3. Amazing co-incidences and timing in my life show me that ‘someone’ is looking out for me.

  4. When I hear Jesus talking in the gospels, it strongly resonates with me, and I want to follow him, and I can’t help but believe in Him.


**When I once asked an atheist; what’s the sense of life then as you don’t believe, he replied: Good life, lot of money, women, eat and drink, great holiday etc. Is that all I asked, according to Neils Answer # 1+2 above.
Jesus said to this attitude: I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. This was their heaven.
So the guy said: But I got it, and you hope for the mirage.

Some of them really are convinced that life here is all, developed out of itself. The argue, that this unbelievable harmony and beauty and order and precise running of our planet out in the nowhere is coincident and held by physics. Seeing the world from outer space, all astronauts had a longing to get back there, onto that singular jewel that Pope JP2 kissed whenever he arrived in another country.

Billions of planets have similar fixed place in that little side room of God, called Universe, but there’s but one earth with created people in an unspeakably beautiful surrounding, that works beautifully. But one kind with a non-understandable spirit, one human kind created: 1. Mose 1:27 as God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. John E. Eccles, a famous brain scentist said; the more we know about our brain, the less we know how it’s spirit works.

Rubbish the atheist said, there might be thousands of worlds with creatures like us.

We know however, that Gods gigantic deed of salvation through Jesus, has been done once only, which tell us, there’s but one world. And no atheist was ever able to answer, why no other creature but humans have spirit, in spite of bigger brains with millions of years of evolution (e.g. whales who are just as “stupid” as dogs or any mammal).

And besides: If you’re convinced there might be thousands of worlds with creatures like us – but we can’t reach; why do you then deny a heaven “out there” too? We can reach heaven and God in prayer and so never are alone and this is not mere imagination, but felt reality, and much happened, changed, formed, was constituted by prayer. That’s #3+4 in Neils’s answer above. Open your eyes and minds to realise, what Christians realised ages ago – You got the brain to do so. Use it and don’t stay in your cave hiding from God’s truth and reality.
You are he only one to whom it matters if you believe or not.


The whole problem with atheists is that they keep using their minds to reach God, and when they can’t, they say “There is no God”. Both Jesus and St. Paul talked about this. God purposefully concealed Himself from those who depend totally on the mind. That’s not to say there are no philosophers in Christianity, just that these people were and are Christians first. Without belief there is no anchor for the mind. After all we can rationalise about anything. This applies too to those who keep looking for the Truth, yet won’t believe Jesus when he said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” IMHO such people will finally settle on a Truth that makes them feel good.


But does it make them feel good?
Do they not have to live in a very loud way to cover all the mistrust in this idea “I feel good”.
If they’d be honest to themselves, they must admit: Something is missing. The real sense of life I miss. This I got can’t be all. It’s to hollow and so senseless.
Yes, it is.
But – I might be overcome.
Try the word of Jesus Christ first.
If you open youself to God, the rest will be given to you.


**Did you ever feel terribly alone? To “feel good” one can’t be alone, for humans aren’t made to be alone. (Genesis 2:18 The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone).
All of us felt ever so alone. Remember? We all did, when we where homesick which we all suffered “once upon a time”.
Now listen into yourself. To the voice of your soul.

Isn’t this awkward feeling merely homesickness?!

We deep in our inside (which is our soul) know, what our home really is. It’s not here. Really it isn’t.
It’s with God!

So – why don’t we tell others?!

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