The reception of Holy Communion


Just as the dead cannot enjoy life until they are raised on the Last Day, so too the spiritually dead cannot receive Christ until they are raised within Confession. The dead have their hope in Christ, who, being the Life and Resurrection itself, rose many to life: Lazarus, the daughter, and the saints.


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St. Alphonsus Ligouri (b: 1696 - d:1787) made a Doctor of the Church in 1950… taught the following:

In his famous book Moral Theology, St. Alphonsus instructed confessors to be gentle and compassionate with their penitents, to manifest the merciful love of Christ in their mildness of manner and in their willingness to dispense absolution for sin, even in response to the “imperfect contrition” of many of their penitents. As a result of his influence, people began to make confessions more often and to receive Holy Communion more often — a development that St. Alphonsus strongly encouraged. By experiencing the love of God in frequent confession and Communion, St. Alphonsus believed, Catholics would come to love Jesus Christ more intimately and follow Him more devoutly in the practice of the virtues. In one of his last books, entitled “The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ”, the saint gives us detailed guidance on the Christian virtues and the love of Christ that moves us to practice them.

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