The Red Pill: How radical feminism is demeaning to men


I would like to ask that you all please watch this documentary. It’s a really good documentary that focuses on the negative effect radical feminism has on men.** WARNING:** They interview radical feminist protesters at times which use a PLETHORA of profanity so this is definitely not family friendly. Other than the profanity, it’s okay.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Click here to watch a sneak peak.


And the redpill isn’t?

You’re hardly the first to come on here with redpill stuff. I have yet to see one argument that it is at all consistent with the mutual dignity taught by the Catholic Church.

I thought that red pill referred to ultra macho virile guys who didn’t need viagra (a blue pill) :blush:

When they denounce the misandry found in what third wave feminists teach, they themselves fall into the same trap of viewing all women with contempt the same way third wave feminists hold all men in contempt.

Feminism is merely the spirit of Jezebel in this modern age.

It’s the pot meet kettle.

The Red Pill: A symbol introduced by 2 transwomen.

As the saying goes, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Red Pill, the kind of stuff I have commented before that men of my father’s age would look at and go, ‘These lads is talking some awful old rubbish’, only replace rubbish with a rather stronger word. They didn’t go on about theories of how to be men they just got on with been men. My mother would have found this sort of stuff idiocy of an unparalleled kind, as a nurse I can just imagine her asking were they qualified to dispense pills of any kind and perhaps did they needed some to restore their sanity.

Ah, feminism. A topic many people seem to have an opinion on, but very few really understand.

There is a growing misogynistic internet movement that gets associated with the “red pill” label, which I categorically condemn. But I promise you this documentary is not that.

It’s done by a feminist, it’s won a BUNCH of awards already, it made the front page on a ultra-liberal Bernie Sanders supporting website, etc. I promise you it’s a legit documentary.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just watch the sneak peek. That gives you a good look at it.

I promise it’s not misogynistic in any way. And it’s pro-life too!

It is consistent with Catholic Church teaching.

While that is true, they were not trans at the time of making the film. It’s also just an expression to refer to something that’s just not generally / culturally accepted, but ends up being true. As counter cultural Catholics, we can surely relate to that!

They were trans, just in the closet.

Red pill is a new term for me. I see it used a bit here and in commentaries.

What does it mean?

Op is there a transcript of the YouTube. We in Aus prepaid land find watching youtubes very data eating and $$$$

It’s a reference to the movie the Matrix. Basically, the idea is the “red pill” is realizing a counter-cultural truth whereas the “blue pill” is just accepting the narrative fed to you by society.

In this context, an active feminist who did two previous documentaries on women’s rights and gay rights decided to spend time filming a movement known as “Men’s Rights Activism” (or MRA). In the process of doing so, she was shocked to discover that they actually had a point and there were real life men’s issues that were being ignored.

Give it a try! The sneak peek and the trailer are free! And if you liked it, then the actual documentary is only $10!

The documentary is done by a feminist who shot two previous documentaries on “gay rights” and “abortion rights”. She then does one documentary on the negative effect of feminism on men and becomes pro-life. It is NOT misogynistic in any way. It has won a fair number of esteemed rewards, it is consistent (mostly) with Catholic teaching. Just watch it! The sneak peak and the trailer are free, so you can see it’s not at all misogynistic and the actual full length documentary is only $10.

No - this is not the case. There is a “red pill” internet community that’s extremely misogynistic towards women, but the documentary is shot by a feminist. It uses the title as a way to note that this goes against what the current social culture we live in says.

I promise you, there’s no misogyny in it whatsoever. It’s largely consistent with church teaching. Just watch it! The sneak peak is free and you clearly don’t see misogyny in there. You just see concern for young boys and men and their mental and social health.

Eeeeh, I always personally get wary about saying what’s “in the closet”, I don’t know what was in their heads.

But regardless, the basic point is it’s just a cultural expression. Give the sneak peek and trailer a watch, the profanity warnings don’t apply there. It’s free and gives you a good idea what it’s about.

Not to my knowledge (unfortunately). “Red Pill” is a basic term to refer to something that’s counter-cultural. It comes from the movie the Matrix. It’s basically a way of saying “You never thought of it this way before, but once you see this it can’t be unseen” sort of thing.

Why does it cost money to stream in Australia? Is it just that you’re mobile and have to wait to get back home?

William F. Buckley — ‘Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.’

Having lived through the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s, it’s clear that it is based on classic Marxist class warfare: Women - the eternal victims class, and Men - the eternal enemies class. Overthrow the Patriarchy has changed to White Male Privilege. Different era, just repackaged and relabeled for today.

The main victims of radical Feminism was/is women, followed by men. It was/is meant to destroy the family.


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