The reliability of means of sanctification taught by the Church

For me the priests should in their great majority have a holiness far above the ordinary mortals. So rather than looking for who are exemplary priests, we should count fingertips priests who are not models and, priests to scandal should be extremely rare. So if there is 5% pedophile in secular circles, it should have at most 0.001% in the clergy, so we should not even talk about it so it should be rare.
Indeed, I can not understand how people who have a very deep knowledge in divine science, peoples who attend mass, and who communicate daily, peoples who meditate the word of God every day, peoples who have chosen a life of detachment, peoples who are supposed to pray daily divine service etc, should not in their great majority have a holiness largely above average!
All this tests my faith on the means of sanctification which the Church proposes as a standard to her faithful, I say to myself that there are things essential for holiness and which are not clearly taught …

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