The relief of confession after a long time


I went to confession last night, the first time in nearly 9 years. My confessor was an older priest who was so compassionate, helpful and encouraging. I’m just writing this to share with anyone who has been away from the confessional, as I finished my sins my confessor shared with me many an encouraging word and I felt between us a sense of great ease as I could feel his joy radiating over my return to God; there is nothing more freeing of the weight we carry with our sins and I could feel my burdens lifting, the feeling of being free of my darkest hours and embrace the light has been one of the most healing experiences of my life and confirming for me that the church is where I want to be.

Can I ask those of you who are willing to say a pray for a Father Frank McLaughlin, he made it easy to say what was hard.

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That’s such a beautiful experience. I’m so happy for you. I just prayed for your priest. Also, we went to Ireland on our honeymoon. May I ask what general area you live in?


I live in Northern Ireland :slight_smile: in County Derry.

I will say a prayer for Fr. McLaughlin. Confession really is a great experience, I just went today actually and I always feel a huge burden lifted off my shoulders after I leave, like you mentioned. It’s also really nice when the Priest gives good advice. Personally I find confession to be a bit intimidating but after going regularly for awhile it has become less nerve-racking and it’s now something I enjoy which I use to dread from nerves.

I used to never go to confession either, at most once every 4 months but I’d withhold sins, pretty grave sins due to embarrassment. It wasn’t until about two months ago that I really became committed to weekly or every two week confessions and making sure I confessed everything and withheld nothing. I use to walk into the confessional ready to throw up from nerves and then I’d leave even more guilty because I lied to the Priest by withholding my worst sins. Now I’m not that nervous going because I write all my sins down in my phone notes app so I just read them off, and the Priests are always very friendly and I leave feeling like a boulder was lifted from my back :slight_smile:


The one place we didn’t go!

I’m still praying for Father McLaughlin. Priests like him are invaluable. I don’t know how they do it. There’s a reason I’m not a priest.

Also, I wanted to remind you that confession is a beautiful experience each time even if it is done frequently. You might not feel like you are walking on clouds after each time, but there is always something you will notice that is beautiful, so I want to encourage you in your return to the faith. I also hope more people will respond to your post.


This is a beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing it with us and reminding us just how wonderful the Sacrament of Reconciliation can be.

Offering up Prayers for Father Frank McLaughlin.


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