The "Religion of Peace" and the Pope


Well, it looks as if the “Religion of Peace” is at it again. This time, they are telling the Pope not to land in Turkey. Someone tell me why it is that these fine upstanding citizens of God want to kill so bad? Thanks.


We must pray for our dear Pope Benedict as this trip to Turkey is wrought with danger. So brave and courageous and willing to risk his life to do the work of Christs Vicar on earth.:gopray:


Hi Sadie2723,

Unfortunately, whenever somebody answers that question they are either:
i) killed
ii) branded as politically incorrect
iii) just plain wrong

You’ll just have to research the answer yourself. When you do, you’ll end up on Islamic Web sites that distance themselves from these would-be terrorists, and you’ll end up on Anti-Islamic Web sites that blame Islam for these would-be terrorists. Read both kinds of Web sites; and make up your own mind.


I think Benedict is very smart. And I think the Holy Father is doing all of this on purpose. Meaning, he is going to Turkey knowing that the reaction to his visit will make clear the dichotomy between violence and spirituality that he addressed in his speech that caused all the ruckus. I also think Benedict is very brave in that he may well become a martyr.


if this is in response to a news story it should be posted on the right forum, with a title that reflects the story and a link.

“They are at it again” is hardly accurate or relevant in beginning a discussion. You don’t say who “they” are, or what “they” are doing specifically, you simply imply that “it” is something dreadful and “they” encompass all believers of a certain non-Catholic religion (since you are posting on that forum).


We should make special effort to pray for the pope during this visit.


Ok, this is for the slllllloooooowwwwww people in the group then…

Well, it looks as if the “Religion of Peace” (That would be Islam for those of you who never watch the news) is at it again. (Note that in this case, “it” is used in the general sense, but specifically makes reference to the long string of violent behavior that Muslims have engaged in…all in the name of peace mind you. By engaging in this violent behavior, they serve to make all of the statements made by the Pope accurate and correct…which they were to begin with.) This time, they are telling the Pope not to land in Turkey. Someone tell me why it is that these fine upstanding citizens of God want to kill so bad? (That was sarcasm by the way) Thanks.


Hi Brad, they simply belong to their father the devil who was a murder from the beginning.


Um, is this the “at it again” part? Who is telling the Pope not to land in Turkey again?

How does telling the Pope not to land in Turkey have a connection to “want to kill”?

I am sure there are tons of people that want to kill the Pope or for that matter simply want to kill.

The Pope is not going to cancel his trip because there are dangers involved.

Do you think it matters what anyone says? It only matters if someone DOES it.

I doubt every Muslim in the World would like to kill the Pope.


Today, day one, the Turks were rather rude to the Holy Father. They were also deceptive when talking about how “tolerant” Islam is of other religions. I almost lost it when I read that. I should visit Turkey and do some evangelizing. Let’s see how tolerant they are. I will make my will first.


DONT do that. We NEED PRIESTS here.

Sit tight and pray. I will for both of you. Its suicide to go there now! Have you lost it? STAY PUT.


If I was going anywhere it would be to Mecca to preach from the top of the kaaba. Let’s see how tolerant they are. I have always wanted to be a martyr.


Well, I just saw the news clips on our Pope. He was talking in English to a small indoor crowd and did mention the word violence. Although I couldn’t make out the rest cuz I didn’t catch it. The crowds are back miles they said, there are over 3,000 police protecting him. I wonder if one would turn their backs…it looked alright so far…God will protect him, it will be a war if anything should happen. I don’t think people are prepared for the consequences if war did happen.


Same here. BUT YOU ARE a PRIEST and have a CRISIS to attend to HERE and NOW. And when and if they come to YOU to put a sword to your neck THEN and only THEN should you consider yourself such!!! IF You go out of your way to die a stupid death and leave YOUR FLOCK unattended with PRIESTS that have embraced liberal practices then WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???:confused:


I cant believe this. WE NEED PRIESTS HERE… DO YOU SEE WHAT IS GOING ON in the parishes now???

So its NO wonder people are EMBRACING HERESY…:mad:


You ROCK! While I agree that we need priests here, we also need to fight to make a point of the Christian faith. It is time someone took a stand against the Islamic faith. People need to point out that there is only ONE God and that his name is Jesus Christ.


Jesus does not teach us to make a show of our faith. We are advised by the apostle Saint Paul to “in as much as is possible,” live at peace with all people.

My fear is that the Pope will buckle under pressure while in Turkey and make some unwise concessions for the sake of ecumenism.

He is quite a courageous man to set foot in such hostile territory.


this is off topic but expect it since you posted in the wrong place.

the religion of peace would be won by buddism. With soo few violent actions. and a philosophy that would rather see themselfs die than commit suffering unto others it is indeed the Religion of peace.


Suicide? Have you ever been there? Why is it suicide?


What country do you think would go to war if the Pope were killed (God forbid)? And who would they go to war against?

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