The reprobate and heretic show nothing but contempt and indifference for our Lady

The Holy See declared the works of St. Louis de Montfort to be free from all error at the time of St. Louis de Montfort’s cause for canonization.

Taken from St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary 29ff:

  1. God the Father wishes Mary to be the mother of his children until the end of time and so he says to her, “Dwell in Jacob”, that is to say, take up your abode permanently in my children, in my holy ones represented by Jacob, and not in the children of the devil and sinners represented by Esau.

  2. Just as in natural and bodily generation there is a father and a mother, so in the supernatural and spiritual generation there is a father who is God and a mother who is Mary. All true children of God have God for their father and Mary for their mother; anyone who does not have Mary for his mother, does not have God for his father. This is why the reprobate, such as heretics and schismatics, who hate, despise or ignore the Blessed Virgin, do not have God for their father though they arrogantly claim they have, because they do not have Mary for their mother. Indeed if they had her for their mother they would love and honour her as good and true children naturally love and honour the mother who gave them life.

An infallible and unmistakable sign by which we can distinguish a heretic, a man of false doctrine, an enemy of God, from one of God’s true friends is that the heretic and the hardened sinner show nothing but contempt and indifference for our Lady. He endeavours by word and example, openly or insidiously - sometimes under specious pretexts - to belittle the love and veneration shown to her. God the Father has not told Mary to dwell in them because they are, alas, other Esaus.

  1. God the Son wishes to form himself, and, in a manner of speaking, become incarnate every day in his members through his dear Mother. To her he said: “Take Israel for your inheritance.” It is as if he said, God the Father has given me as heritage all the nations of the earth, all men good and evil, predestinate and reprobate. To the good I shall be father and advocate, to the bad a just avenger, but to all I shall be a judge. But you, my dear Mother, will have for your heritage and possession only the predestinate represented by Israel. As their loving mother, you will give them birth, feed them and rear them. As their queen, you will lead, govern and defend them.

  2. “This one and that one were born in her.” According to the explanation of some of the Fathers, the first man born of Mary is the God-man, Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ, the head of mankind, is born of her, the predestinate, who are members of this head, must also as a necessary consequence be born of her. One and the same mother does not give birth to the head without the members nor to the members without the head, for these would be monsters in the order of nature. In the order of grace likewise the head and the members are born of the same mother. If a member of the mystical body of Christ, that is, one of the predestinate, were born of a mother other than Mary who gave birth to the head, he would not be one of the predestinate, nor a member of Jesus Christ, but a monster in the order of grace.

  3. Moreover, Jesus is still as much as ever the fruit of Mary, as heaven and earth repeat thousands of times a day: “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” It is therefore certain that Jesus is the fruit and gift of Mary for every single man who possesses him, just as truly as he is for all mankind. Consequently, if any of the faithful have Jesus formed in their heart they can boldly say, “It is thanks to Mary that what I possess is Jesus her fruit, and without her I would not have him.” We can attribute more truly to her what Saint Paul said of himself, “I am in labour again with all the children of God until Jesus Christ, my Son, is formed in them to the fullness of his age.” Saint Augustine, surpassing himself as well as all that I have said so far, affirms that in order to be conformed to the image of the Son of God all the predestinate, while in the world, are hidden in the womb of the Blessed Virgin where they are protected, nourished, cared for and developed by this good Mother, until the day she brings them forth to a life of glory after death, which the Church calls the birthday of the just. This is indeed a mystery of grace unknown to the reprobate and little known even to the predestinate!

I agree with St. Louis Montfort when he said " without Mary I would be dames " I owe my love and devotion to Jesus Christ and to the holy trinity to our loving mother Mary. Through her I’m confident that no matter what happens I would never be separated to her son.whom I love and adore more,the moment I consider her as my loving mother.

I too, agree with the words of St. Louis about Mary. I am deeply devoted to her infact and rededicate my entire family to her loving care daily.

However, having said that, people tend to grow up believing the faith they were raised in and taught at their mother’s knee. I once had a 7th Day Adventist who worked for me who was almost hostile toward Our Lady and certainly never prayed to her. I tried to talk to her about it a few times and quickly learned that I was beating my head against a brick wall. I think of how generous Jesus really was to not only die for us but to even give us His own mother too. Basically Jesus gave us all He had on earth.

But back to faiths that don’t hold Mary in esteem. I feel sorry for them and I hope that Jesus who knows each of our souls does too. Most of these people were raised in that mindset and they believe what they believe because that is what they were taught their entire life. And yes, that’s sad–

Thankfully, I am aware of incidents where a non-Catholic becomes devoted to our Blessed Mother.

I was wearing a miraculous medal while at a training course for volunteers at a hospice. A Protestant lady came over and asked me if I would mind if she talked to me about Mary. I said “Please do!”

She had very strong feelings of love for Our Lady, and so I invited her to my home for lunch and said we could talk more.

She came, and shared with me of her devotion and friendship with Mary, because her own son had been murdered. We chatted much over lunch, and I gave her some pamphlets and booklets about Our Lady.
She also spoke so beautifully of her faith in our Lord Jesus Christ that inspired me much!

Another instance is of a Catholic friend of mine who prays occasionally with a Pentecostal friend. They praise and give glory to God together, as they both, of course, believe in the Divinity of Jesus. If that were not so, then she would not pray with her friend… Of course, occasionally they get to talking, with respect, about their differences. After talking about our Blessed Mother and the Brown Scapular, her Pentecostal friend asked if she could have one also, as she was drawn to Our Lady. As it turned out she was willing to go with my friend to our parish, have the scapular blessed by a priest who placed it on her.

Also, many years ago, it was a Methodist minister who wrote a book about the Rosary called “Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy”…(in speaking about the mysteries we meditated on then.)

So, we all need to keep praying, and our Lord and His Blessed Mother will work in others!

And, hopefully Our Lady will lead them closer and closer to the fullness of truth in her Son!

An infallible and unmistakable sign by which we can distinguish a heretic, a man of false doctrine, an enemy of God, from one of God’s true friends is that the heretic and the hardened sinner show nothing but contempt and indifference for our Lady. He endeavours by word and example, openly or insidiously - sometimes under specious pretexts - to belittle the love and veneration shown to her.

I personally think adoration of Jesus as true God and true man, as well as a special veneration (not adoration of course but hyperdulia) of our Blessed Mother Mary in some sense reveal where your heart is at.

LUKE 2:35 And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that, out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed. .

There is an association of Jesus with Mary which is beyond a natural understanding.

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