The Requirement To Vote


I am temporarily living in a state that is different from where my permanent residence is since I am in college. Aren’t you supposed to vote from the state you permanently reside in? Either way both states, the one I’m in and the one I permanently live in, require you to live there for a certain number of days before the election. I literally can’t do that if I have to vote from the state of my permanent residence. How does this all work? I totally might be misunderstanding this.

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You would have to check with each State.

There is also an “absentee ballot”

I was in a similar situation years ago. I was able to vote in my hometown via absentee ballot. But you have to file to do this well before election day. Hope it helps.

I grew up in CT and went to school in Indiana. When I was in college I voted by absentee ballot for CT.

In many states you can register to vote through the DMV. Do you have a driver’s license from your home state? If so, you may have already registered and you can just request an absentee ballot when the time comes. They’ll mail it to you and you return it by mail.

College students can generally vote where they attend college or vote absentee where they are from. Call your local election official’s office. Just be sure not to vote twice in the same election, that would be a crime.


Although there was a lot more presence during major election years, I know that student political groups were continually doing registration drives and knew the rules quite well (and there were neutral ones, too.)

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