"The requirements for modesty in dress"?

What do you all think of this?

“Ladies, men, girls and boys should always wear clothing that they would not be ashamed of in the sight of God. This would certainly eliminate shorts, bathing suits and pants for females. Christ’s words are very clear: “A woman shall not be clothed with man’s apparel, neither shall a man use woman’s apparel; for he that doeth these things is abominable before God.” (Deut.22:5) If Christ said that the sexes should not wear each other’s clothes, it stands to reason there is a distinct difference in men and women’s clothes. Now let us reflect again on how the Mother of our Savior has been adorned in her various appearances. Can you imagine her wearing slacks? How can we say that we have a true devotion to Our Blessed Mother and continue to follow worldly fashions and trends? Should we not follow her perfect example?”

From this website

I realize things that shouldnt be worn, and bathing suits can be revealing, but no slacks/shorts on women?


I didn’t realize that Christ’s words were recorded in Deuteronomy; I thought His words could be found in the four gospels. You learn something new every day.

In any case, I understand the need for modesty in dress, and it seems that a woman wearing (reasonably fitting) pants is the ultimate expression of modesty, since everything is covered. It seems that an objection to women wearing pants could only come from a non-Western culture that I am unfamiliar with, or from a profoundly bewildered and unbalanced person living in the West who is sadly confused as to where they are. Can someone fill me in on what I’m missing?

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  1. “Christ” spoke in Deuteronomy? He was not born yet. I believe Moses is the speaker.

  2. Deuteronomy also says not to wear wool and linen woven together, and various other rules that maybe made sense at the time but don’t today. Catholics do not interpret these rules literally. If the Church thought it important to do so, the Vatican - today, not six Popes back - would speak to the issue, or would just mandate we all wear loose long-sleeved dresses 8 inches below the knee.

  3. To the extent we can take a general principle from Deuteronomy on clothes, I believe dressing modestly according to the time and place where you are living is the common sense interpretation. Obviously there will be a difference based on era, climate, and what different cultures consider suggestive.

I’m sure someone will pop up any minute disagreeing with me on this. I’ve said my piece, and am unconcerned by those who choose to think something else, which is their choice. Pass the popcorn please.


Both my husband and I wear polos and khakis.

However, there is a huge difference between the cut and style of my shirts and his, and between our pants. They are polos and khakis–so not exactly sexy.

Even if our pants were the same size–men’s pants don’t exactly fit a woman nicely unless they are cut to fit both genders.

With our polos- they are far different. His are cut for broad shoulders and chest. Mine is cut for slim shoulders and for boobs and for a slimmer torso. Despite the fact that they are both kaki’s and polos are clothing that men and women wear ours are drastically different.

Plus, in different cultures, there are different standards. No Scottish or Irish woman would ever wear a men’s kilt.


Just another off the rails – toxic “Traditionalist” website.


Yes this on their site says it all:
Nature of Literature Offered

Our Lady of the Rosary Library attempts to provide literature for everyone, whether they be:
Non-Catholics searching for the Truth with a good heart and an open mind.
Traditional Catholics wishing to perfect themselves.
Novus-Ordo Catholics wanting to come back to tradition.
Lukewarm Catholics needing something to rouse their fervor.

Novus Ordo Catholics wanting to come back indeed. :roll_eyes:


You know, I knew something was amiss about that website, but didn’t know what. I knew you guys could help. Btw, what is a Novus-Ordo Catholic?

In the eyes of the authors of such traditionalist websites, someone who routinely attends the Ordinary Form of the Mass, and is content to do so.

It is someone who believes all the tennets of the Church, yet fails to desire attending the TLM as their primary source of Mass. Basically, it’s saying that most practicing Catholics today are deficient.

Nothing toxic about it hon

Can you back that up with any coherent thoughts sweetie?


There’s nothing coherent about people routinely dismissing things they don’t like as “toxic trad”.

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