The resurgence of headcovering at Mass - why?

Ladies - do you wear a Mantilla/chapel veil/hat or some other sort of head covering to Mass? If so, what and why?

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Neither because I am a man :slight_smile:

Not since about 1972. I always wore a small (child’s) mantilla to church as a small child - my mother’s rule - along with white gloves, always a dress, always shoes shined and eithe lace tights or ruffled bobby socks. On Easter I usually had an Easter hat - white with a colored ribbon to match my dress, and on Christmas I usually had a hat as well, often wool or velvet, also to match my dress. Styles changed, and women were no longer instructed to cover their heads in church, so my sister, mother and I all discontinued the practice of wearing either manitillas or hats. I recent years I’ve only seen mantillas in Mexico, Italy and Spain where they are still worn by some older women, but I haven’t seen one on a woman under about 70 in any country in decades.

In days gone by men would also wear a hat to Mass. They would just take it off when they got there. :slight_smile:

I wear a mantilla when I attend ExtraOrdinary form Masses. I am using sheer type black head scarves for Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo) Masses.

I do so for personal and devotional reasons for Mass, Confession, Adoration, etc as my generation was never raised to wear them at all for Mass and church compared to my mother & grandmother’s generations.

If you’ll do a search on these forums, you’ll see that there are a number of women under 70who veil, and not just at EF Mass.

I’m 31 years old and I always wear a mantilla. This, of course, was my mother’s doing, and I cannot stand even entering a church without one. To me, it’s very humbling to wear it. My mom always said that we wore them out of respect for the angels.

I wear a hat…to Mass. It just seems right

No, I don’t wear a mantilla or hat or anything on my head to Mass.

Yes, for over 12 years. It started when my oldest daughter was making her 1st Communion. (I’m in my 40’s BTW) I wanted to know why they wore the veil. When I researched it I immediately decided I wanted to from then on. I have several in my car. I too can’t stand not to wear one in the Church and will feel awful without one.

This morning I was one of 10 women **4 of which were wearing veils **in a Novus Ordo at Daily Mass. It warmed my heart that it is “catching” on. I do it as a devotion, there is no judgement on anyone else, and I gladly explain my position if asked.


I belong to the Veiling in Grace group here. Its a great group of women who choose to veil for Mass, etc.

I feel more reverent and respectful when I veil in some way at Mass, etc. I even wear one for Confession and also Adoration.

The only person who gave me a hard time about veiling was my mother who came of age in the 1960’s. But I do not take her opinion on veiling as it is my choice & free will.

I’ve worn a veil/scarf to 2 Ordinary Form Masses at my hometown church, and the priest never said no to me about wearing it which is encouraging as very few women choose to cover their heads. I wear the mantilla for Extra Ordinary Form Masses as it fits in better as most women cover for those Masses with mantillas compared to other head coverings.

I always wear a head covering in church (1 Cor 11:5).

My mom, sisters, and I would wear the lace mantillas, occasionally (Easter) hats. Now I have more scarves and hats, though they are not huge or bold colors or feathery or anything distracting. I have enough of those that I haven’t worn a mantilla in a while.

A bit off topic . . . but. the last few years, I’ve worn a hat or scarf to work (secular university campus) about half the time. I always wear a skirt or dress. I’ve encountered no problems.

Yes, I wear a mantilla, but I’m looking for some pretty scarves and in the winter, I will be wearing some nice berets and other hats.

I don’t wear anything on my head because I’ve never like to wear a hat or anything else for that matter. Since it’s not required and I don’t feel called to do it, I don’t.

Here’s the link! Veiled in Grace

Please join us!! :tissues: No tissues on heads in our group!! :wink:


I do not. However, my daughter and grandaughter as well as several younger people in our parish are picking up the custom of covering their heads, whether it be wearing a mantilla, head scarf or hat. And a few of the older ladies are returning to the custom as well.

Thank you for this question - I was very interested to read that some women are still observing this practice - I never see it where I live, and like I said before, even when I’ve travelled in predominantly Catholic countries, I personally have only seen mantillas worn by older women -

It is a lovely custom and would be nice if it returned.

I usually wear a mantilla, but in winter I sometimes wear a cashmere hat instead.

If I attend the EF then I do (When in Rome…), however, for my normal life, no, I don’t cover. I remember grabbing “tissue” as fast as I could so I could make it to mass on time in the early 60’s! BTW, here in Northern California at my suburban parish, no one wore mantillas - they wore HATS! I don’t remember anyone ever wearing a mantilla - maybe a very small chapel veil, but not a full-blown hang down mantilla. Recently there is an elderly woman from the Pacific Islands who does wear a long mantilla to Sunday Mass, but she is the only one I have noticed. Our parish is huge - over 5000 strong. I’m visiting Rome and Florence next month and I’m thinking of buying a mantilla to bring back as a present for the woman who veils - as for myself, I’m looking for a new rosary blessed by Blessed JPll! When I was in London last winter I went to mass at Westminister Cathedral, and women were wearing beautiful hats! The hat shops are in full swing in the UK!!:rolleyes:


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