The Resurrection of the Body


At the resurrection of the body, is a person resurrected in the same earthly body? What if a person was unhappy with their body, had a birth defect, or was crippled, would they return in the same body? There is talk about what we will do in heaven, but what kind of things will we do after the resurrection of the body, along with worshiping and glorifying the Holy Trinity? Does anyone know of a good Catholic book that discusses the resurrection of the body?


Read I cor 15, in short your new body will not have the birth defects, you will be whole.


Yes, the same body. Just as Christ rose with the same body that hung on the cross, as He showed Thomas His wounds. However as Christ’s body was Glorified and perfected so will ours be.


What exactly does a glorified body mean?


I don’t understand how it can be the same body. Not to be too graphic, but think about how bodies decay in the ground, become dirt and organic material, gets eaten by other animals, etc.


What does being whole and perfect mean? Was it whole and perfect that Christ rose with his wounds?


IWe won’t really know until the end of time, except the hints that Scripture gives us. Some of the Early Church Fathers comment on the Resurrection of the Body.


The wounds were visable but didn’t seem to cause any pain or problems for Him.


In no way do I mean to dishonor our Lord and Savior. I just bring up the question that Christ was raised from the dead with his wounds. I’m sure for us there was a glorious purpose behind it. I think your right, we won’t really know until the end of time, but we can get a glimpse of it from what the scripture tell us and from what the church fathers have said about this subject. And, it is interesting to note that Christ wounds didn’t seem to bother him.


incorrupible, power read I cor 15

Also, read the book of revelation.

And, what Jesus said about the kingdom of God.


what happens to the extra 50 pounds?


we become literally a new creation, our body made over, perfect, as intended from the beginning, as it says in both the baptismal rites and funeral rites.


Remember how Christ appeared when transfigured? And how people seemed not to recognise Him after the Resurrection? Definitely a big difference between our earthly and heavenly bodies - for the better, it would seem :wink:


I found a good explanation in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


The same glorified body Jesus have at the transfiguration and after the resurrection.

If you look at Moses and Elijah at the transfiguration, their bodies were also glorified.

You will body will no longer be subject to all mortal injuries, feeling hot or cold. You will be immortal. You can even walk through walls like Jesus Christ did. You won’t have to eat anymore I believe. In some way, you won’t be able to produce bodily waste. :eek:

It sounds like we will become superhumans. Yes we will be.

As for those who are damned. You bodies will not be glorified. You will have your own bodies but they will be tormented for all eternity in hell.


When I die and hopefully I am worthy of heaven, when I meet again with my resurrected body, what will I llook like, which age will I be?
I am now 32 but at age 9 I was paralyzed and for the past 23 years walk with crutches. Will I be 7-8 years old with my glorified body "pre-virus"
How does the Catholic Church teach on this?


You are confusing the body with the matter your body is made of. The process of material decay is not just something that happens after death, it occurs throughout your whole life: old, dead cells are constantly being eliminated from your body while new cells are formed from the food you eat. Yet at every stage of your life your body is still the same body. You are still you.

That is what the Resurrection of the body means when it says your body will rise again, but as a glorified body. It means that your body will still be you.


The Church teaches that we don’t specifically know. But that Christ showed us an example in His own Resurrection. He showed the apostles His body and it was recognized as the body they saw before, the body that was nailed to the cross. It however was no longer bleeding, but still had the nail holes in His hands and feet and the spear wound in his side. He invited St. Thomas to inspect them closely.

My personal opinion is that your body may exhibit some physical “wound” that you had but it will not affect you any longer.


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