The return of Killer Chlorine

Another effort to get rid of Chlorine.

The last time, 6000 Peruvians died from cholera.

These are the same whackos who tried to convince us all back in the 50’s that flourine in municipal water supplies was a commie plot to kill us all. Many, many, fools fell for it.

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These are the same whackos who tried to convince us all back in the 50’s that flourine in municipal water supplies was a commie plot to kill us all. Many, many, fools fell for it.

Flourine in water to me is not the same. I gave my children flourine tablets each day until age 12 and it was a pretty simply task.

Do they need to take flourine for the rest of their life? Probably not. It may not harm anyone but why ingest it for years when you don’t need it.

Chlorine is needed and it may cause some side effects but the alternative is very bad water that will cause disease.

Now if we could only address birth control pills in the water supply. Hmmmm…

I have read that fluorine also prevents fragile bones in older people.

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I have read that fluorine also prevents fragile bones in older people.

I see that as a selling point for the fluorine company and there may be some truth to it but many people don’t want more chemicals in their drinking water then already is necessary and would rather take the chance. If you are elderly and don’t fall you have a good chance of not ending up with any broken bones.

If the test that they often do shows you have less bone density, then they probably would prescribe something.

Often the bone breaks, causing the fall.

If the test that they often do shows you have less bone density, then they probably would prescribe something.

The prescription is pretty rough to take. I know several who risk the fracture rather than endure the medication.

Since municipalities can not run separate water lines according to each individuals taste, they needed to stick with what the majority want, be it chlorine or flourine. I most will opt for the safest water now that folks are educated to know that “chemicals” is a meaningless term. That kind of scare tactic may have worked in the sixties, but is unlikely to bear weight today. Now the rallying cry will be that something - free water is greener or more back to nature.

Like cholera.

Absolutely right. You really want to kill off those germs.

Too many folks ignore that “mother nature” provides us with things like polio and cholera and dysentery and deer ticks and malaria, etc. It takes science and applied science [aka, engineering design] to effectively keep us from being killed off by all those nice natural things.

… Which gets us right back to another thread about the necessity to study science and math, even if they require extra work.

How can we deal with these needs to “combat mother nature” is so many people don’t want to study math and science because they are “too hard”?


Well, I guess our family and many others should have gotten cholera a long time ago eh? We have been on well water for the past 10 years. The only time our well would get treated with chlorine is if the well truly had spoiled. However, that has not happened. You know how many times I have heard it reported on the news that people needed to boil their city water because of either some nasty that was in it or the fact that it had too much of some chemical? I can not even begin to count the number of times I have heard that happen. One year around here was especially bad. Given the choice I would choose well water over chemically treated city water any day. For the record I was raised on city water.

The fact is there is a fine line that needs to be walked here. You can not blindly say that chlorine always has to be pumped into the water any more than you can say that it is never needed. It is true that there are small amounts of it naturally found in water. I think this needs to be on a case by case based on the water source itself. Not something that is just blindly done.

Considering the status of many of our universities and colleges I would not say that going off to college is necessarily a good thing. I have to agree with many on that other thread. You should not be going to college just for the sake of going to college. You should also not expect that you well make more money simply because you have a degree. There are too many people out there that do not have degrees and make good money, my dh being one, and too many other people with degrees that do not make good money.

AND NOW … even Chlorine isn’t strong enough …


We can use ozone.

I happen to like ozone.

There used to be a treatment system that used ozone and ultrasonics. Can’t recall if they used UV as well.

Need to do a search.

Anyone who is interested can start with this Google search:

Oh, great…we already have a ginormous hole in the ozone, and you want to go and harvest more? I suppose you’ll support a Bush initiative to drill for ozone down in Antarctica? Then all the penguins will die of UV radiation poisoning and skin cancer. What would Morgan Freeman say?

You people won’t be satisfied until there’s no ozone left at all.

Why don’t we make our own ozone by neutralizing an already toxic chemical: Nitric acid (HNO[sub]3[/sub])?

Just remove the ozone (O[sub]3[/sub]) and replace it with hydrogen gas (H[sub]2[/sub]). Viola! You now have HN + H[sub]2[/sub] = NH[sub]3[/sub] - ammonia! Which can be used to scrub away the mildew in your bathrooms. So you now have healthy water and healthy homes!


no no no …


You know perfectly well, that to generate ozone for oxidizing bad germs, you buy a little machine that plugs into a wall electrical outlet and that generates ozone. It’s called … [are you ready for this? … are you sure??? ] … an ozone generator.

The stratospheric ozone is created and destroyed by … the sun.


The above URL also has links to companies that make ozone generating machines.

Such as this one:

And then there is the ozone pollutant that is created by the mangling of auto exhaust products and statistics.

Three separate and distinct ozone sources.

I was raised on well water and my family had it tested once a year.

I now consume municipal tap water and it is tested by the municipality something like 48 times a day.

I’d take municipal water over a well, just so long as the municipality is running things as they should.

There was a terrible tragedy in Walkerton Ontario Canada in 2000.

Basically some ’ good old boys’ were in charge of the water treatment plant, didn’t have a clue what they were doing, they even falsified test logs.

7 people died from E-coli and 2500 were made sick from the contaminated water…lack of chlorine use was a part of the entire ordeal:

"For years, the Walkerton Public Utilities Commission operators engaged in a host of improper operating practices, including failing to use adequate doses of chlorine, failing to monitor chlorine residuals daily, making false entries about residuals in daily operating records, and misstating the locations at which microbiological samples were taken. The operators knew that these practices were unacceptable and contrary to Ministry of Environment guidelines and directives. "

Indeed. I have a year and a half of university chem under my belt. My tongue was planted firmly in cheek, and head firmly planted in tinfoil.

I like to think I didn’t actually need a smiley for that post. :smiley:

Interesting that you never stated exactly what problems you had with the well water? But you then go on to state problems that people had with city water even though you say you prefer it. :confused:

Would those people in Walkerton have had those problems if they had been on their own wells and in charge of their own water? Around here many towns use water which comes from the local lakes. Above ground water contaminates faster than water underground. Once again we have been on well water for 10 years without this problem and we know a number of people on this type of water and some have been on it for 30 yrs or more without this problem. Natural water does not automatically equal bad water, and treated water does not automatically equal good water. Once again it depends on the source and how it’s treated. We will not use any type of pesticide/herbicide etc. on our ground because our watersource is in that ground. We use more enviromentally safe approaches. Aka, a rash of scorpions gets slapped with the fly swatter instead of the outside of the house being sprayed with pesticide.

I don’t live in Canada so I don’t know about the requirements there or any problems that they have had. I do know that around here a lot of people buy bottled water as their drinking water and do not drink the water out of the tap. They question the safety of it. Most everyone I know who is on city water has a filter on their faucets to filter out some of the stuff in the water.

One of the reasons I prefer well water is because well water naturally forces you to learn water conservation. That is a good thing, wouldn’t you agree? That does not happen with city water. Water is something that every living thing needs. Therefore it makes since that we would want to conserve that which we need. Again that does not happen with city water. In fact a lot of people on city water are actually wasteful with it. Another reason I like our well water is we do not have to pay a bill for something that we have to have. My mother pays at least $60.00 every month for her water. All we have to pay is that small part of the electric bill that is required to run the water pump and it is definitely a lot less than $60. That is money in our pocket that can go to other things. On top of that the cost to replace the equipment to pump the water up to the house cost roughly $500. That means that at the cost of $60 a month our equipment is paid for in 8 months. Also, the cost for a once a year test is $25.00. Once again that’s less than the monthly $60 that my mother has to pay.

For anyone interested I found this interesting little article on water by the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

Yeah but. [how many times have you heard that?! :wink: ]

What I have found is that almost nobody studies science of any kind. :confused: :eek:

You are a rare exception. :thumbsup:

So, I have given up with the irony stuff.

Instead I spend a lot of effort finding books on Amazon and refer folks to those info sources. :thumbsup:

And, then somebody files a complaint against me because my posts are too long. :stuck_out_tongue:



Never had a problem…

Reminds me of one of the guidelines in designing systems. It is not enough to make them fool-proof; one must make them d***-fool-proof. :smiley:

Well, you can make them fool-proof, or even d***-fool-proof, but I’ve found you can’t make them officer-proof.

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