The Return of the Swallows: St. Joseph's Day Phenomenon!


Dear CAF… Just wanted to share this interesting little “miracle” with those of you who have never lived in California.

Each March 19th… the Feast of St. Joseph… the Swallows return to Mission San Juan Capistrano in California <aka THE JEWEL OF THE MISSIONS!>. San Juan Capistrano is one of the Missions, founded by Blessed Junipero Serra… along the California “Mission Trail”.

If you’ve never been there… I can’t express how beautiful a place it is. And the fact that these little birds, return… year after year… on St. Joseph’s Feast Day… is amazing. Being a native of Southern California… and having visited San Juan Capistrano… St. Joseph’s Feast day never passes by, that I don’t think of the Return of the Swallows!

Here is the link. Hope you enjoy it.


I’m just curious, has anyone actually witnessed this before? Do the birds really do come every March 19th?


Yes, “JP” the Swallows really do return on St. Joseph’s Day. Read the link I included. The town makes a very big deal out of it, too!

I’m not sure… but they may have been “late” by a day or two over the years. But most of them arrive ON St. Joseph’s Feast day.


One year, they didn’t.

According to Meredith Willson’s book AND THERE I STOOD WITH MY PICCOLO, a radio station decided to broadcast the sounds of their returning flapping and twittering, and drove out with their mobile equipment–quite a feat for the time–only to find out the swallows had all arrived the day before.


I live in the Chicago area, and there always used to be a news story about the swallows’ return on St. Joseph’s Day. I’ve just realized that for the last few years, I haven’t heard anything about it. I’m glad to know that the birds are still returning on schedule.


The year that they arrived one day early, was it a leap year?:slight_smile:


“EDKATO” Ha ha! Could have been… I don’t really know. You know how birds are… :ehh: pay NOOOOO attention to the calendar, whatsoever! :rotfl: But I do recall they have been late by a day or two. I don’t remember hearing the above story, though… of them not arriving.

But with as many years past… that they HAVE arrived… on the Feast of St. Joseph… it really is a heartwarming “little miracle”. These kind of things, really drive home the existence of God… in my mind, anyway. :smiley: You gotta wonder… “Who” it is… that tells them, each year… “Time to fly to Capistrano, My little ones”. :wink:

God bless!

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