The Rev. Billy Graham

Billy Graham has helped thousands of people come to Christ (and believe it or not, helped evangelize Catholics). He was also a friend to the blessed Pope John Paul II.

From what I’ve seen of him lately (which isn’t often because he is so old) he seems to be very humbled and at peace. I believe he is sincere in his faith, opposed to other televangelist.

Is there anything else we can say good about him as a Protestant in his faith/works in Christianity as a whole?

Dr. Graham has acknowledged that in reaction to Catholics, Protestants pay too little attention to Mary.

He also has an honorary degree from Belmont Abbey College.

Dr. Graham matured from his anti-Catholicism of his earlier days to become a friend of the Catholic Church, which he has taken a lot of heat for.

God bless Dr. Graham!!

I’ve had the pleasure of privately meeting Rev. Billy Graham on 2 occasions, (through my job) and I can only say he is a true example of Christianity.

I once watched him preach on tv and was very impressed. He is very passionate and he loves the Lord. His message and the way he delivered it was so genuine and I believe that reaches people. May God bless him.

its just too bad that if he is such a friend to Pope John Paul II and to Catholicism in general why not convert? If he understood the Church’s teachings and agreed with them enough to put aside his anti catholic nature should he not have come into the Church? He puts himself at peril if he understands the Catholic faith but continues to reject it because simply because he was an icon for protestantism. He won’t be covered by invincible ignorance than will he?

I don’t recall anybody saying he agreed with Catholic teaching. One can can put aside anti-Catholicism (or anti-Protestantism, for that matter) and not be in agreement with. It is quite a rash judgment to say he might reject the Catholic faith because he is an icon for Protestantism. There is no indication of that, and only God can judge the state of ignorance, whether it is invincible or not. We simply cannot read another’s soul and mind and heart.

Quite frankly, I feel that the Rev. Mr Graham is a fine example of how a Christian should live and act.

If I remember correctly, he stated that he really only has problems with some Catholic developments of the past 200 or so years.

I read his biography a few years ago. He was also friends with Archbishop Fulton Sheen. They met on a passenger train back in the 60’s, and they spent several hours together chatting and praying.

He was actually shunned by many Protestant churches and organizations because of his many Catholic friendships. They saw him hanging out and being friendly with some Catholics and they said,“No real Christian would be friends with Catholics.” and they refused to support him.

He should go talk to Cavaradossi or Dzheremi then–Orthodoxy of some kind would be the ticket :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be interested to know what cured Rev. Graham of his anti-Catholic prejudice.

What cured him? It’s who not what, and his name is the Holy Spirit!

I once heard that Billy Graham was given a personal library of Catholic books from a dying friend (maybe a priest?) and he made a little promise to himself that he would thenceforth never utter anything bad about the Church.
(Sorry I don’t have a source – but maybe someone else has heard a similar thing and can second me on this.)

I think (really only me just stating an opinion) that Rev. Billy doesn’t believe in the Real Presence, therefore a stumbling block to Catholicism for him ( or Orthodoxy, Lutheranism etc for that matter).


Here is clip of Rev. Billy Graham

He has had many of “truth” weilding Evangelicals speak out against him, for his very Catholic views on God’s mercy.

Below is John MacArthur hating on the Catholic Church (of course) Peter Kreeft, Pope John Paul II and Billy Graham. Thanks for mediating the “truth” of the word of God Johnny Mac :thumbsup: What would we do without you, Johnny Mac or John Piper, R.C Sproul, James White or Matt Slick, who all have some very different views of the same Scriptures that are so clear, even a 4th grader could understand them!

I can say that he was a great example to his faith, and brought many People to Christ. That is what is most important. To know Christ and live our your faith with the grace given to you.

I believe he used the Grace given to him by God.

I don’t know, but the same thing happened with Jerry Falwell. I think maybe once folks mature out of their own little world, they realize they didn’t know everything when they were young. Having influence over so many souls is probably very humbling.

What surprised me was to learn that the Crystal Cathedral had a statue of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Schuller and Sheen really liked each other.

I realize this is completely off topic. :smiley:

…and Schuller’s grandson has a community called “Tree of Life Community” which is filled with Catholic and Orthodoxy practices although it seems to be Protestant.

Sorry I had a Wikipedia web wander when checking up on who Schuller was after watching the video onemangang posted.

I was raised on the message of the Rev. Graham. There are no similarities between any other evangilist, tele. or other, and him. Being brought up protestant, Ihave seen my share of them and they all made me sicl to my stomach, just tune in to TBN for awhile and listen to these idiots., they have nothing in comman with Dr.Graham, and anyone that thinks he does is as foolish as they are. Iam 51 years old and have seen almost every crusade, as did my parents and grandparents, Imust also express my admiration of Beverly Shea. Billy Graham was the greatest evangelist for almost three generations!!::knight1:

It seems that most of Billy Graham’s opponents are anti-Catholics. Ever noticed that?

When he came to England late 1980’s we all took part in the Billy Graham stuff.

I can’t say I wasn’t particulary impressed as such but knowing what I’ve learned this year I know why but thats a different type of post in a way.

We got a hymn book called Misson Praise out of it. It wasn’t popular with some because they altered some of the words to the hymns. We now have a newer hymn book Anglican hymns old and new or something like that. We are no longer bothered about Mission Praise messing with the words but Kevin Meyhew Company etc, altered some of the alto lines too. We are not happy per se.

Tomorrow we have the stand in priest (as ours is on holiday) who refused to do our service in the past if we use mission praise. I’m in the vestry tomorrow (Serving) so am kind of willing him to make some comment so I can mutter that Meyhew have altered the alto line at times :mad: It was quite an issue that he refused to do the service if we continued with mission praise that choir practice but the biggest issue I will leave well alone because it be unfair to share it here.:mad::mad: But am sooo willing him tomorrow to give reference to it so I can gloat about Meyhew mucking the notes up too - being an alto when I sing.

But back to Billy Graham and his visit to England. Yes I did take full part in the lead up to it and the event and aftermath. It wasn’t bad. It was okay. But it didn’t change me at all. It was just another occaision as such. I have learned far more from the current priest and learning to relax too with it all.

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