The review the USCCB should have given Milk

Which one of these reviews would you have expected to come from the Bishops? I think the review on usccb needs to be placed under review. Milk should have recieved an O.

While Harvey Milk did lead an intresting life, there are probably more flaws with this film than are mentioned in the usccb review. It probably was boring. Has anybody seen it? I won’t so I welcome your views on the film.

The temptation to hagiography is strong when admirers do bios. As catholics, we have seen the tendency in our own treatment of the saints.

I haven’t seen the film, but I’d be willing to bet that it doesn’t mention the close political and ideological ties that existed between Harvey Milk and Jim Jones. Yes, THAT Jim Jones.
Here’s a frank acknowledgement of the real facts with only feeble attempts to spin away from the implications of such a close link:

If you can’t write a hagiography of a saint, who can you write one of?

It is kinda troubling to see the USCCB’s web review. Maybe the site was hacked? (if only). Maybe it is written by just some staffer without it being seen by the higher ups. It’s hard to imagine the bishops would be thrilled with the rose coloring the reviewer made of it.

It defeats the purpose when the bio of a saint seems to imply another Immaculate Conception. One of the functions of veneration of the saints is that God’s grace can make sinners into saints. Why hide the sinner part??

I don’t think movies that show same sex kissing should get a rating less than an O.

I look forward to seeing the movie very soon. :smiley: I’ve heard it is very good. You gotta love inspirational movies!

I don’t think any movie, other than an illegal, poorly written porno, should receive an “O”. I think it was rated decently due to the “language, some sexual content and brief violence” that I’ve heard about. That sounds like the typical R to me.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

“Hagiography” literally means “writing about a saint”, i.e. a saint’s biography. It’s a genre of pious literature from the Middle Ages.

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