The Rhoda Wise house

Hi, I was just curious what you all thought about this here is a link I’m from Northeast Ohio and fox news here has been talking about this quite a bit. Also not sure if it says it in the link but the house and Rhoda are now being looked into by the Diocese of Youngstown. It’s quite interesting though. Also here is the link to the actual website of the house . Hopefully this is in the right forum area!

I’ve visited there a couple of times while in Canton on business. It’s kind of neat to see!

Interesting to find it in the news lately. I’ll try to follow things as they progress.

I went there on a bus trip and examined the house and watched a short documentary. Personally, I couldn’t find anything strange or odd about the Rhoda Wise case. However, that will be up to the diocese to determine if it’s authentic.

She figured prominently in the life of Mother Angelica of EWTN. I first heard about Rhoda Wise reading Raymond Arroyo’s biography of Mother Angelica.

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