The Riots. Doctored image shows demonic flames engulfing building in Minneapolis

Commenters replied that they saw “evil,” a “devil face,” and “a demon.”

So is this a real image or a “doctored” image to look like this?

The article linked says it is doctored so I am not sure why there is a thread about it. It only furthers it’s appearance among those that may not take the time to read the link.


There are two possible portrayals of the riots. The first kind portrays people on the streets performing violent acts. The second kind is a portrayal bringing out something of the underlying reality of events. The second kind could be a photograph of Catholic churches defaced with obscene words. The second can be taken as a truer portray of what is going on. I think the doctored portrayal is a truer picture of what is going on, then say, of people looting stores.
This is not a slam of peaceful protests, but of the other thing that is going on.

The pictures of fires were scary enough without needing to doctor them.


Pareidolia strikes again.

If they were 100 percent presented to be “works of art” and not disseminated among naive people looking to justify their own prejudices and point of view I’d say, “you have a right to make this and it’s fair.” We all know in reality they’re often shared on social media as being real photos by some of our more credulous relatives and they push a false narrative. That’s what they’re meant to do. They’re propaganda.

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People ‘saw’ demonic faces in the pictures of the flames. And factcheck fact checked that???

How do you FACT CHECK what other people believe they saw? Did factcheck go to their homes and hammer out a confession from these people that they did NOT see in these pictures what they claimed they saw?

Seriously…how do you fact check someone’s perception? If they say they saw it, either they did or they’re lying and I doubt factcheck went to their house and interviewed them and they said, ‘Oh yeah, ha, just kidding, I didn’t really see that in the photograph.’

Nevertheless, there is a hidden hand behind all of the civil unrest. Someone is financing the organizers. Someone profits from the destabilization of the nation.
Oddly, before, during and after the killing of George Floyd, several other black men were murdered and not a peep.

No 24/7 media coverage.
No demonstrations.
No rioting.
No looting.

The difference?

They were killed by other black males.

And I thought that “Black Lives Matter”


This has been in the works for a long time, in order to change the government of the US. That’s why Pelosi and her ilk were so patient in Feb, and, to a degree, in March, about the WuFlu, compared to their collusion-delusion frenzy leading to their impeachment charades—they were simply waiting for it to happen; anything to prevent a second Trump win. They didn’t really start ragging on Trump about stateside WuFlu until it became apparent that the tallies weren’t going to be as bad as predicted.

In what galaxy is it appropriate to destroy another person’s property, or to steal from another? Yet, we have entertainers and the former secretary of state siding with miscreants and flat-out, in-your-face criminals, both unknown and famous, claiming that the rioting is fine and dandy? Let them put their homes and their bank accounts where their mouths are. They give new meaning to despicable.


'WuFlu? Righto…

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Makes me think of the Wu Tang Clan.

But were they black cops killing black male civilians ??

The photograph is a mirror image photo, draw a line from top to bottom in the middle, see how it is mirrored. Not an attempt to be a fraud, this is an very common artistic take on photography.


Especially if you look at the cars and street lines! :+1:

Definitely doctored photo. Fire doesn’t burn symmetrically.


Other thing I note is the mention of “police station” in the pic title, yet “apartment building” in the link info.
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Many people have pointed out that he’s not a ‘jerk’ so much as New Yorker. They’re often much more direct than Midwesterners. In all the clips I’ve watched of him, I haven’t seen him act like a jerk, except perhaps the infamous 'you can grab ‘em….’ comment. And sorry, but in my years in college, I saw LOTS of guys who would say the exact same thing and they’re probably among those now acting like their every word their whole lives has been pure as the driven snow and they would never say such a thing.

The question, however, is perception. If people thought they saw something in the photograph they were looking at, then unless somebody made up the whole story of people thinking they saw something…well, those people think that’s what they saw. You can’t fact check another person’s perception except to say they must be lying about what they said they thought they saw.

This is like the Internet myth of finding the face of Jesus on a piece of toast.

In short: So what?

They had mother Teresa on a pop-tart too.
Want to save it, but the brown sugar cinnamon goodness Is there. Oh no! What to do? Toast another!
Dominus vobiscum

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