The Rise of the Holy Roman Empire?


I came across this gentlman {Gerald Flurry) on television today and he recommended this magazine (The Trumpet). So out of curiosity I checked out this site and found this article Can anyone tell me about this guy and his ministry? Thanks and God Bless all here.


For some strange reason, I couldn’t get the link to work by just clicking on it. I had to copy and paste it into a new browser window.

The world is staring down the barrel of another resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. Based on key prophecies scattered throughout the Bible, we at the Trumpet have been looking for a Germanic resurrection of such an empire.

That is where I stopped reading. It seems this vaunted *Trumpet *is nothing more than a Jack Chick-type “end of the world/Chuch is the Whore” organization. I wouldn’t put much stock into anything they say.

All it was, was a meeting between two countrymen, for ten minutes. In 10 minutes these two men formulated some grand strategy to “ressurect the Holy Roman Empire” with Germanic roots? This is what the *Trumpet *would have us believe.

It would be laughable, if it weren’t so sad. IMO.


Yet he is the only German politician to have an audience with the most powerful man in the world’s largest single religion. Is it not strange?

This is so typical. Asking rhetorical questions meaning to imply something outlandish.

There is no doubt the pope is interested in the political crisis in his homeland.

Political ‘crisis?’ It’s a parliamentary government fer cryin’ out loud. Stuff like this happens. Yes, there’s going to be a weak coalition behind Merkel, that’s the order of the day in a parliamentary government.

What does he have to say about it? What influence is he wielding to forge a solution?

Who says Benedict cares at all about how it operates politically, or that he must because he is the pope?

Look at the facts.

Some people need to follow their own advice.

Both men think alike

Imagine that, people with like ideas being friendly. What next?

(somewhat similar to how Iran’s new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the Iranian clerics think).

Notice the prejudiced comparison, meant to evoke disgust at the oppressive Iranian government (and thereby at these two men).

Both want increased Catholic influence in European politics.

That wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Europe is quite unreligious.

If Benedict sees in Stoiber a man with the fervor and influence to help bring about these spiritual changes, is it possible these two men have forged some kind of agreement

Not only IF, but also ‘it is possible,’ which is to say, perhaps it is possible Martians will land tomorrow demanding to be taken to our leader (the Pope, of course). Note the appeal to secret, clandestine agreements. Conspiracy!

the pope to get more involved in German politics and work to boost Stoiber’s bid for power—and Stoiber to implement the bidding of “the most brilliant theologian of all time”?


No relationship may be more necessary to watch than that nurtured on this November 3 visit.

But what about Brittney and… er… who’s that guy she’s married to?

Bavaria was home soil not only for the present pope and a staunch-Catholic premier, but also European influentials like Otto von Habsburg and Adolf Hitler.

  1. Habsburg opposed Hiter.
  2. Hitler was quite anti-Catholic.
  3. Is he trying to connect their ‘staunch’ Catholicism with the dictatorial leanings of Hitler or something? Why not simply bias everything by mentioning Hitler.

Now, combine recent events with past analysis from the Trumpet. Those familiar with us know that we refer to Bible prophecy to determine which events to highlight and which to make strong assertions about.

Yes. Bible prophecy. Wasn’t the world already supposed to have ended? snicker

The world is staring down the barrel of another resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. Based on key prophecies scattered throughout the Bible, we at the Trumpet have been looking for a Germanic resurrection of such an empire.

The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor roman. He should look into some history.

This was written before the stalemate occurred in Germany’s elections.

Yes. And what about Nostradamus’ predictions about the popes?!?!?!!

He asked publicly, about the coming pope, “What would a German do in that office? He certainly would know quite a lot about German politics, I would think. … I think the Vatican is going to be working behind the scenes. They may have a pope to help them do it who really knows the German system and begins to get the leader in there that can really swing things around, a good strong Catholic ….”

“Working behind the scences,” i.e, CONSPIRACY!!11!!!one1!11 (Also notice allusion to sinister inside knowledge.)

“Now that a Bavarian pope reigns in the Vatican, we must wonder how Europe would change were a Bavarian premier to take the German chancellorship—or, more significantly, a position at the top of the European Union. We have been looking for a strong church-state connection to take hold in Europe, steered by the Vatican and Germany. Would it not be natural for these two powerful men—both from the same religiously charged region in Germany—to make this happen?”

“We must wonder,” again, trying to bias you with nonsensical speculation. “Would it not be natural,” again, more shoddy rhetoric. All of it appealing to the secret-evil Vatican’s political aspirations.

With the Bavarian Benedict able “to win over and rally all the world’s Catholics” and a rising political twin who will likely lead Germany and even Europe, it appears Europe’s future as a resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire is coming very close to fruition.

Haha. That was a good piece. Ever since I stopped reading Dave Barry, I’ve needed a good knee-slapper.


The Philadelphia Church of God was a breakaway from the World Church of God. The WCG based their Church on the teachings of a man called Herbert W Armstrong. The PCG broke away not long after Armstrong died because the WGC started to change things and not promote Armstrong’s books. The PCG and Armstrong are anti-catholic.
I have read a few books done by Armstrong and I found them very interesting (apart from the anti catholic sentiments). I’ve read other booklets from this Church and they don’t have the same impact as Armstrong’s. Their main focus is in Biblical Prophecy, but not a end of the world thing, more as a warning to be prepared and that they feel other religions overlook the warnings. Their magazine is readable.
If you can look past the anit catholic sentiment I believe they are okay, their books are free and I actually recommend Armstrong’s books, I found them very informative and something to think about.
He’s was very knowledgable on the Bible.



They forgot to mention that the Illuminati were founded in Bavaria. That has to mean something… :whacky:

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