The Rite (Movie)

I have just recently watched this movie, The Rite, and felt that it is drawing closer to God instead of pushing away. I was just curious how many have seen it and what they thought about it.

Greetings Someguy14,

I thought the artistic license taken with it was done poorly. Special effect were okay, but they really missed out on the accuracy.

I am actually thinking of watching through it and listing some errors in it that I saw and wondered if anyone caught any more of them.

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Anathama Sit

The movie was too blatant and too predictable.

I am constantly in a battle with demons and many parts of that movie were very accurate to the situation I am in. I am not possessed by demons, rather attacked.

The part of being able to tell what was in the bag the young priest held without looking was an example. The exposing of weak points in the young priests life that may hinder him by the demon, another. The fact that a lesser demon may not be able to handle that female that was with him operating through Anthony Hopkins and then Satan(Baal) entering Anthony Hopkins character as they described, able to quote his life traumas and decietfully mix in his own interprutations. Those are examples of how demons work.

Anthony Hopkins using frogs to decieve and convince that child that he was cured opened that character Anthony Hopkins played, to gettting attacked by satan.

I noticed many postives about the movie that portrayed helping ways and actual experiences. Though I am very curious as to how accurate that is to actual exorsisms and experiences in catholic beliefs.

And also what parts of that movie took too many liberties or artistic licenses with what parts.

If the Exorcist never existed or any of the previous dozen or soe movies made on the same subject, it would have been better.

It simply did the same thing others had already done and not done quite as well.

It was entertaining and I didn’t find it offensive to the Catholic faith but it wasn’t anything special.

I found it less offensive to the cathloic church because it portrayed a sense of caring about spiritual situations and at the least, attempts to help people in those situations.

Though pro-Catholic, it was the most “blande” movie I have ever seen. It was dry of good content, and I didn’t really follow the plot too well. The acting was good, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I like the Exorcist better!

I would suggest reading the book. It actually gives some solid details regarding exorcisms and what it takes to be an exorcist. I haven’t seen the movie, but from what I’ve read, the book and the movie are totally different.

Seen the movie, then read the book. I liked the movie and liked the book. The movie was quite thrilling, and the only bad thing I’ve heard about it is that one statement by one of the exorcists borders on Mariolatry, (invoking “in the name of the Virgin”). The book was quite informative and I loved it.

i loved it, i recently had alot of doubts about the existance of God 7 i honestly think God was talking to me through the movie hahaha, because the main caracter sounded just like me

Thats awesome.
That movie really touches on some serious points and what may or may not be overlooked in the spirtual battle against mankind in general.

I read the book long before there was a movie. The book is very good, well worth the read.

The movie had in common with the book… ummmm… the title and they were Rome and there were some priests, that is about it. I found the movie to be a hollywood waste of time.

Spend your $$ on the book!

Greetings Castello,

I heartily agree with your reply in this post.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

There is now a documentary featuring the author of the book anf the exorcist featured in it,:

Sweet! I really enjoyed the movie and I’m looking forward to seeing this.

I liked “The Rite”. In my opinion, it’s the only good exorcism movie. Those that say it’s bland or boring; because it’s more realistic and friendlier to the Church. Movies with giant robots, the Earth cracking in two, or vampires are going to be more action-packed, sure. But, if you want to see those, go ahead.

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