The Rite of Election is next Sunday

I’m anxious. Too anxious.

And the Easter vigil gets closer and closer. Comparing it to something I know: baseball, I’d say this is the seventh inning stretch.

Nah, I’d say the Rite of Election (our archdiocese has their Rite of Election in December) more like “Pitchers and Catchers Report” (the time before that is just the tryouts). Easter Vigil is Opening Day. :smiley:

(and sainthood is the Hall of Fame)

But, Welcome Home! I remember the Easter Vigil. I kept looking at the clock, and even 15 minutes felt like an hour! Then it was time for the Easter Vigil (a 3 hour Mass!).

You are certainly not alone! We are celebrating the Rite of Election on Saturday and I can’t wait. Easter still seems so far away, but it’s worth the wait. :slight_smile:


We prepared our catechumens for the Rite today. Should be good, I’ve got 5 kids who will all be baptized etc this Easter. I also learned that I will have the privilege of presenting the catechumens from my parish to the bishop. It will be a crazy, but good day. :smiley:

I was actually starting with the first RCIA class.

I’m not a saint. Not even remotely close to it.

Thank you. :slight_smile: Easter Mass is three hours?


don’t worry you’ll be fine the rite of election was easy for me only a small group easter vigil on the other hand was in front of about 2,000 people :eek:

There’s seven readings, along with at least seven psalms. I remember this part felt like it was an hour in of itself. Then you have any baptisms, along with blessing with the oils. Then finally comes Holy Communion. I remember they switched the order around at the last minute (so both rows could go up at the same time), and it threw us off a bit.

The Rite of Election was held at the cathedral, so there were at least 2,000 people there, too. (Around 200-300 cathecumens and RCIA candidates, plus sponsers, too - some went to two other churches in the archdiocese) I’m surprised so many people could fit in the front area of the cathedral (which is already large).

I’m praying for you and all those preparing for this special weekend.:slight_smile:

With no Catechumens or Candidates, the Easter Vigil lasts about 2.5 hours, so it really depends on how many people at your parish are being received into the Church.

This particular Mass is wonderful, though - it’s the Mass of all Masses, since you go from the Creation to the Resurrection, and then at the Resurrection, the Catechumens are baptized, and then in place of the Creed, all of those who had been Catechumens and the Candidates all receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, and then you move into the Liturgy of the Eucharist (which the Catechumens are now experiencing for the very first time, since up until now, they have always been Dismissed just prior to the Liturgy of the Eucharist) and when it comes time for the distribution, the newly confirmed receive their First Holy Communion, followed by the parish at large.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Maybe they’ll take piccies and I can post them on Photobucket.

I don’t know if Fr. Terry will give me a baptism or not. :confused:

I was baptized at age 12 in a Baptist church. That was 30-odd years ago. Plus the church is no longer in existence (a Baptist church does have the name) and I have no way to prove I was baptized.


God- Willing - I’ll be going to Rite of Election with prayers and support for a family member.

He should give you a conditional baptism if you don’t have a Baptismal certificate. Someone in my RCIA class last year had a similar issue, too.

George C,

Don’t wait to mention this - make sure you and your RCIA leaders, and your sponsor, know your status, before you go before the Bishop.

Fr. Terry already knows my situation, but I’ll certainly remind him.

Especially since those who are already baptized don’t go through the Rite of Election.

No one’s told me that “since you’re already baptized, you can’t go through the Rite of Election.”

I made my situation clear a few months ago.


I think I’m going to call the parish tomorrow… :frowning:

The baptized go through a different ceremony, directly after the Rite of Election, which is called the “Rite of Calling to Continuing Conversion.”

That’s why it’s so important to have any conditional baptisms done beforehand - so that they know which ritual they are doing for their passage into the Lenten Period.

That depends on where you are located.

In the Los Angeles Archdiocese the two ceremonies are held on different days. I would guess that might be true in other large dioceses/archdioceses as well. (I just looked at New York – they use different days as well.)

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