The Rock And The Great Commision Ministries

My 18 year old son just went to college. He is being inundated by a group from a church called The Rock. They claim to be a nondenominational Christian Church and part of The Great Commission Ministries. Can anyone tell me anything about this group of people and just what their doctrines are?
Thank you

It does not sound good. They of course only claim the 66 books of the Protestant Bible. They also seem to subscribe to the doctrine of once saved always saved, baptism by immersion only, and doctrine of the real presence in communion. Their statement of faith can be found

Thank you for your efforts and please pray for us. He is 10 hours away so what is the best website for him to enhance his Catholic faith?

Being one that is just starting RCIA I would not know. I would defiantly recommend this one here. CAF has helped me along my journey alot!

His University or one near it should have a Newman Center, a great place to direct him. This is a great website for him to go on, is a good website, also the Catholic Society of Evangelist is another good website for resources,, and lastly, if the University doesn’t have a Newman Center, it may have a FOCUS Ministry, depending where it is, and if it doesn’t see if he’s interested in contacting them and starting one there…here is the website

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