The Rock Music.


Is there a sinful rock music?
When the rock music can be called as a sinful ?


People have different tastes in music, and there are many forms of music, so I would say that Rock music in itself is not sinful. HOWEVER–the lyrics to some Rock and Rap music can be sinful, and the dress and actions of some of the musicians are sinful, and IMHO, these groups and some of the songs are not appropriate for Christians to listen to and support. I think you have to use some discernment in your choice of music. And one other thing–loud music can damage your hearing–my husband has hearing loss from listening to loud music with headphones on and listening to loud bands in his younger days.

I am not fond of Rock music–I find it gives me a headache, is way too loud, and it makes me nervous. But I am of a different generation than you, and my mother couldn’t stand my music when I was young.


Hope I explain this right but “good” music should not be dis-chord.

there could be moments, say at the beggining or end of a song, but the whole thing should be notes played properly. When not played properly you have dis chord.

Now, some rock songs sound like that but really are not.

:slight_smile: :shrug: my thoughts.


Most rock music is ok when it comes to your spirit. There are plenty of bands out there that should be avoided though. I don’t even have to put them here, because you’ll know when you hear them. You will get an uneasy feeling stirring inside you. Those type of bands should be eschewed at all costs.


Like someone else said, I don’t think Rock music in itself is sinful, it’s just what artists choose to sing about that’s sinful. Take a band like U2, their music is very good, they have ACTUAL messages in their songs most of the time (alot of Christian messages in their songs). Now take others bands or singers (sorry, can’t think of any at the moment) that sing about sex or drugs. You have to look at the sontent of the music your listening to.
I like your screen name by the way. I’m a huge football fan:thumbsup:



In the Evangelical revaltion from the life of the body and intense conviction of sinfulness , the rock music is considered as a sin.

As an argument the verse from the Scripture is quoted;

  • ''Do not love the world , not the things which there are in the world, who loves the world , in that person there is not God’s love.

So the rock music in itself has nothing wrong.
We can not separate the rock music to the category of carnal music opposite to the spiritual music, right ?


If we seperate out carnal music from spiritual then we are going to have to seperate out classical music also. I know that some fundamentalists think that you should listen to only spiritual music and read only books with spiritual themes.

I don’t know if that was what you were referring to, so I apologize if you weren’t.


Yes , Evangelicals do not believe that God is the Lord of all life ,
and do not agree with an idea that all non-sinful endeavors are ultimately spiritual.
Therefore the rock music is considered as a sinful just because it is a rock music.


In and of itself, as a genre of music, I don’t think it can be classified as sinful. However, some individual songs may be near occasions of sin for some people if, for example, it inspires them to act in certain ways or to dwell upon and nurture particular thoughts. Those subsequent acts and/or thoughts may indeed be sinful.

I was always a big fan of rock music and listened to a wide variety of artists, some of which performed very, shall we say, off-color or suggestive songs. After I returned to the Church this year and put on the radio, I found that I simply was no longer interested in listening to those particular songs. I still like the music but wish I could just get rid of the vocals.


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