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We all know the Greek distinction between petra and petros. There is no distinction like this in aramaic right? There is but one word and it is kepha. Well recently a “Church of Christ” apologist claimed there IS a distinction in aramaic as well, kepha and kephas. I have never heard this before. Does anyone have an answer?


Did he back up this claim or did he invent this difference out of thin air? My bet is on the latter, although I know no Aramaic, which I rather think is true of this fellow, as well. I say this because I have been haunting Catholic apologetics sites for years and never heard of this one.


The way I understand it, there was not even a distinction in Koine Greek during the era of Christ’s ministry. The Greek distinction came from an earlier era and had disappeared by Christ’s time.


To me, “Kepha” and “Kephas” look like inflections of the same lexical form. In any event, reads “Keepa” twice- the Peshitta is written in Syriac, a language cognate of Aramaic.


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