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I have a question on how does the church declare a Catholic man the pope. How does one become the pope,in a sense, is selected not just by the voting or Cardinals but through spiritual election of the next pope from one to the other? It can’t be the pope have to be, after voted, ordained in a higher role of Popeship like the older Pope is having to lay hands on him if most popes have died before an heir is declare. How does it happen?


Any ordained clergy or religious has already had the laying on of hands


by the successor of Peter?


As part of The Holy Order, yes


It’s whoever is selected to be bishop of Rome. The selection has typically been done by other bishops in the Diocese of Rome. Cardinals, while worldwide, are actually Bishops who’ve been formally appointed to offices within the Diocese of Rome, and so they are responsible for selecting who will be the next bishop of Rome.


where all the first apostles ordained by Peter? Or could someone who were Ordained by Barnabas become Pope?


Peter did not ordain the other apostles. They were all commissioned by Jesus himself.

The Bishop of Rome does not have to have direct apostolic descent going back to Peter, though the practice of using multiple bishops in ordinations probably means there has been some overlap between apostolic lines. Anyway, any bishop (or someone who will be made bishop upon selection, if that ever happens) with any line of apostolic succession can be selected as Bishop of Rome.


The Pope as successor to Peter isn’t meant to state he must have direct apostolic succession back to Peter himself, only that he has succeeded to Peter’s seat as Bishop of Rome.


It doesn’t, and its hasn’t happened in the 2000 years.

The means for selecting the bishop of Rome has varied, but once installed, however chosen, that bishop is the leader of the universal church. Installation, though generally done with more bells and whistles is fundamentally the same as for any other bishop.


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