The Role of the Churches in the Ukrainian Revolution


I know there is a long thread on the Ukraine in general, but found this perspective as it pertains to the role of Catholicism in the crisis to be unique.

article by Antoine Arjakovsky (first posted 6, March 2014)

The Churches are playing a decisive role in the Ukrainian revolution. This is apparent from the prominence in Independence Square of dozens of priests and pastors from different religious confessions who have been there every day for three months, offering to gather ecumenically with the faithful in prayer.

From the outset, an ecumenical chapel was erected. After it was destroyed by the assault on 18 February, the demonstrators immediately raised a tent that served primarily as a funerary chapel for the dozens killed by sniper-fire.

Today, more than ever, they assume this pastoral role in Independence Square. As Father Michael Dymyd, a Greek Catholic priest from Lviv, who has been present from the beginning, confided, “the people have been deeply shocked by the clashes. They need to open up their hearts, even to go to confession. The energy of resistance that has accumulated during these three months and which has suddenly begun to unwind, sometimes gives way to feelings of hate. The people feel that they need to be liberated from this negative energy.”…

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