The Roman Marytyrology

I love reading the Roman Martyrology everyday. I think it is a holy practice to recall those who suffered and died for our Faith.

I currently use this version:

However, there are many saints and martyrs added since this edition.

I would rather use this one:

However, currently, it is only available in the Latin, which is great, but curious to know if there is a Latin-English edition available or one in the works?

Does anyone else say the Martyrology regularly? How does it add to your prayer life?


Oh, one last question…does anyone know if orders that say, only, The Little Office of the BVM, add the Martyrology after Prime in The Little Office?

The 2004 Martyrologium is only in Latin. It will eventually be translated, but it would be faster to learn Latin than to wait for it.

Ha! Fair enough.

(Off subject, but since I have you here)
I’m considering moving back to Chicago, any advice regarding getting involved with Catholic orgs, meeting other Catholic young adults, etc…?

Well, not really, unfortunately. (I’m not quite the target audience for a lot of that anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: – and I’m not a Chicago native, so I don’t have that basis for an outlook). But I think a lot of it depends pretty heavily on whether you find yourself in, you know, the North Loop versus Calumet Park, or Berwyn versus Boystown. In other words, at a parish level I think you’d find a pretty different experience between aging suburban areas, ethnic-enclave city areas, yuppified urban areas, etc. A lot of parishes have Theology On Tap and programs like that, which are very popular, but my main advice would be taking advantage of Catholic service opportunities, either through your parish or the Archdiocese.

Looks good, I will have to check those programs out. I would probably live in Lincoln Prk/Lakeview and commute to St John Cantius.


but, anyway, back to The Martyrology…

I have a copy. It also has Gregorian chant notation to chant it. Beautiful liturgical book.

I have the Martyrology sent to me via e-mail in French:

Martyrologe Romain

You have to subscribe, but it’s free. I can get most of the Latin but the French is admittedly easier for me (it’s my mother tongue).

I’ve found 2 places online with the Martyrologium: (all Latin, also with the entire Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Office for the Dead, and all of the Divine Office except for Matins)

and (English and Latin, side-by-side)

Also, in answer to your question about the Little Office of the B.V.M., in the form modeled after the Breviarium Romanum the Martyology is not read, and Prime concludes with the Fidelium rather than the blessing.

Acolythus sum,

This is great! Thanks.

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