The Roman System

I have heard/read lots of Protestants criticizing the “Roman System.” I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about my faith. Apparently not. I’ve never been taught the “Roman System” by anyone connected with the Church. Would someone please enlighten me? What is the “Roman System,” how does it work (or how is it supposed to work), where did you learn about it, and why have I never heard of it from another Catholic?

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Because the Church keeps us in the dark!!!

For centuries we’ve been misled and lied to, and all of our ancestors were too stupid to figure it out!!!

The “Roman System” is so flawlessly designed, that it keeps you in the system without even knowing there is a system!!!

The only hope is for an Independent Baptist of the First Independent Church of Podunk to give you a tract!!! Then maybe your eyes will be opened!!!

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Then you can join their congregation and bring the membership up to 11 people!!! (You’ll have to donate enough to cover that extra 2-liter at the church picnic though.)

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Seriously though, most of the time they’re referring to the Sacraments and/or the Hierarchical structure of the Church. I know this from my time attending Protestant churches.

Personally, I think that the chosen terminology is to try to give Catholicism an ominous sound. They have a “personal relationship”, but we have a “system”.

Usually they follow this up with statements about how you’ll go to hell if you don’t stick to the system, and how its extra-biblical, and blah-blah-blah… (usual rhetoric ad nauseaum.)

Alot of Evangelicals believe in this theory of a “Revived Roman Empire” in the “last days” and somehow the Pope is in with all the other world religious leaders and Blah,Blah,Blah…basically it’s people with too much time on their hands that conjure this stuff up.


New one on me friend!

Nutty ain’t it! It’s an American Phenomena:D

Can you explain the context better?

Do the Roman’s know?

Seriously, the Roman System implies “Salvation by Works Only”

RSS…and you thought it had something to do with the Internet and Feeds…Roman System of Salvatin or Roman System of Sacramnets…

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