The Rosary and Chaplets

Recently, I’ve been looking to get myself a Rosary and a chaplet (specifically Saint Michael the Archangel’s). I really want to pray these but I’ve run into the issue of obtaining them. I was wondering if it is a good idea to order these items off of Amazon or some other online service. I ask mainly because these may not be blessed, but I’d be willing to ask my priest to bless them either way.

So, is there a problem with obtaining them this way? Further, is it bad to not pray with blessed Rosaries and chaplets?

It may sound silly, but I’m new to this stuff. Thank you in advance.

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Yes, you may purchase them online and ask your priest to bless them for you after mass. Any priest I have asked has always been more than happy to do so. Some have said the most beautiful words in doing so. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And no there is nothing wrong with buying a rosary online. If anything it is good that you do as your money will help support that company pay the catholics making the rosary and help future catholics obtain a rosary. Same goes for a chaplet.

It is fine to pray with an unblessed rosary, but getting it blessed just makes it all the more special.

If you want my advice, get a nice high quality rosary. The cheaper ones tend to get tangled or the chains break or the rope snaps. The pull chain (military grade) rosaries like the ones the swiss guard use are very nice. You can get it for $30usd

Fr. Heilman sells them at Roman Catholic Gear.
Rugged Rosaries also has a fine collection of high quality rosaries.

But if your budget doesnt allow it, all is good.
Additionally, you can download the “Laudate” app and use the virtual rosary and chaplets (including St. Micheals) for free.

God love you!

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Purchase one wherever you like. You cannot purchase blessings, so you’ll need to get any rosary you purchase blessed (no matter what the listing might say).

If you have a Catholic shop near by, please buy from them. They need our support in order to remain open. Etsy is also a great place to look.


So I have several Chaplets of St.Joseph. A good one is hard to find. Fortunately you can have one custom made at the rosary shop . The owner is old catholic, but once you get your chaplet or rosary you can get them blessed by your priest. So after I got my Chaplet of St.Joseph (which I use every wednesday) I immediately got mine blessed by my priest.

If you order from amazon, well no one knows for sure who made it. But as long as you get it blessed from your priest, it doesn’t matter.

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You can’t buy a pre-blessed item. You would need to get it re-blessed when it comes to you.

Some places will sell you the un-blessed item and then get it blessed for you before they deliver it to you as a free service, but unless it’s something special like a Papal blessing, they aren’t getting you anything that you couldn’t get from your own parish priest. I’m also always a little dubious as to whether they actually bother to get the blessing.

Catholic shrines, which often support themselves partly through selling items at a gift shop, will usually have a regular blessing at the shrine so people who have bought rosaries, crucifixes and such at the shop can have the priest there bless everything they just bought before they take it home.

So you can buy or obtain a rosary or chaplet any place you want and then just ask your priest to bless it for you once you get it.

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